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Its the opposite for me, the CKM500 is more comfortable. Partly because they dont insert very deep, But that also result in less sound dampening, so its a tradeoff.
You can meassure the difference between fresh drivers and the used drivers in speakers atleast, so its not really about believing. For instance, Fs and Cms goes down, but other parameters change too. Its not night and day ofc, but there is some change.
CKM500 doesnt insert very deep and uses the outer ear, so for me they where the most comfy iems ive ever tried. Would love to try the SE215 too tho, since they seeme to use the outer ear too.
I have the CKN50 and had the CKM500 (lost them ) I wont comment much on the sound, i havent fully broken them in yet (30ish hours). but i can say this much... the abit overwhelming midbass \ lower mid on the CKM500, a biproduct of the amount of bass in them is better on the CKN50. While i tried different EQs on my phone to tune down that issue with the CKM500, i dont need to do this on the CKN50. So without A\B testing the CKN50 vs CKM500 im pretty shure i prefer the...
10cm. Thats almost short enough to not build one on my own.... oh well, i already got the cables on the way, no biggie.
Why is there so little info on this? Heck i cant even find out if it has a mini usb connection or not. Jaben sight says literally nothing and the only picture isnt showing the usb port. Searching this site only comes up with the "now introducing" thread, and everything else GoVibe...   Anyone got any experience with it?
I just ordered some short micro-b to standard usb, and mini usb to standard usb cables from dx.com. I plan to make my own short micro-b to mini-a cables (for LOD) Shouldnt be hard.   And check this out if you want to do something like me. http://tech2.in.com/how-to/accessories/how-to-make-your-own-usb-otg-cable-for-an-android-smartphone/319982  
I have a few hours on theese now and they are great for the price (58$ including shipping from the other side of the world) but they arent perfect (i wasnt expecting that either). I have the RE-01 already, and they are great except they are lacking bass. Mid and high is fine but they are lacking bass. Now the CKM500 isnt far off from the ER-01 in highs, but they are complete opposite when it comes to bass and lower mid. The CKM500 is too much, well, i can handle abit...
Im finding my DT770 pro 80ohm a little bass heavy, ive been reading throught the entier thread now and i do soooo want the 880/600! Do you have any input on the 880/600 Essence stx combo? i wont be buying any amp, just stick with my stx. Not shure when i will be able to afford the 880 tho... hopefully not to long of a wait.   Really tempted to go for the full shebang, rewired and customized when i make the jump...   Edit: You also made me paranoid so i...
My RE0 died too. Just the way others described, right one...
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