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Om a balanced amp always go balanced in if you can choose.I also prefer the he6 balanced out.
The scraping might just be that there is bad contact due to dirty connections (dust and stuff gather in the strangest places). Don't know if that can explain the imbalance though. Try some electrical cleaner spray if you can find a way of spraying into the switch.
 I have the Taurus mkI and HE-6 and find it absolutely terrific. Other amps I have tried that sound good with HE-6 is Mjolnir, V200, and from the speaker taps of Creek 5350SE (85 Wpc ) integrated, Cary SLI80 + Leben CS300 - but the Taurus better them all. I really cannot find anything specific I'd prefer different - it is just very, very good.I find Taurus to sound the best in balanced mode with the HE-6. 
 Did you buy the LCD-3 yet? If not, why do you want it so much you don't budget in an amp for it instead of getting eg LCD-2 and a good amp for the price of the LCD-3?
 I actually found the HE500 quite ok directly out of the of the SB Touch when I tried it. I actually migh try lcd3 later for you, if I find the right adapter. As a stadalone source the SB Touch is above wfm, but you should seriously get a headamp, a 99usd Schiit Magni or something. The SB Touch headphone output is a bit noisy with sensitive phones, BTW. But it is a great source, both digital and analog. What a waste Logitech disconitnued it. 
 OK - why do you like them? How do they compare to the stock EH tubes, and maybe the RCA clear tops?
Adjusting bias on Stax tube amplifiers:
Hi guys!   What are good tubes for the 007tII ?
 I went ahead and made this a Wiki for it to be easier to find. Big thanks to ColoradoTom and others
I have totally rediscoverd Beyerdynamic T1 after hearing it with the A1. For the T1, the A1 is well worth the money. Suddenly the thin and canny T1 is lush, bassy and warm - yet detailed and precise. Love it =)
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