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Been listening to the LCD-3 with the Cary SLI-80 Sig lately. Really, really nice. Sublime. 
 I had no problem with that. But you can of course open up your amp to look for yourself ,)
 Yup. I find the Taurus to better the Mjo especially in image depth - and it has richer highs, slightly more punch. It just feels more precise. The Mjolnir is very good with the LCD-3 but the Taurus is just better when compared side by side. 
^ I had no problem finding them :)
 Great to hear that - Actually - I haven't tried that combo yet - but I sure will!  
 Haha - well - you should never spend more on audio than you can afford. A great system doesnt have to break the bank, and you definetly don't always get a subjectively more joyful experience from spending more.  Auditioning at home is always a preferred option, but then again - if you get a great 2nd hand deal - you can alays pass it on to someone else :) BTW - aesthetics is not irrational ,)
 I have no issue with hum except on high impedance cans (like the HD800). It is however, my all time favorite with the HE500 - and it drives the HE-6 very good from the speaker tabs via HE adapter (unless you are into hardcore and dubstep) so I wouldn't say it underpoweres most of your cans ,) There are only a few users that experience hum issues, so I wouldn't be too anxious. Listening to it with the LCD-3 and it is simply gorgeous =) 
 Seems like they made all the discrete sections integrated, but that dosen't have to make it sound any different - just streamlines production. If Project86 can't tell the difference, I would say nobody can ,)
I have both wa2 and a1, and really prefer the a1 with t1. It is warmer and fuller sounding with t1, and since I like warmer and fuller sounding sound, a1 is making t1 worthwhile for me.
 I have compared them side by side with a variety of headphones and really found the Taurus better. More detail, deeper soundstage. Mjolnir is somewhat flatter sounding. Mjolnir is a good amp, but you get a better amp in Taurus. Even the HE6 sounds better at Taurus, even if Mjolnir has higher wattage rated in the specs. 
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