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 I would be thinking a 3 pin XLR in each (even though you only need 2 pins on each) would be practical beacuse of the availability of cables with dual 3-pin XLRs But I see Woo use TRS-adapters on the 234 
 Since you loose something by having AC transformer in the same chassis, have you considered a mono-vlock with dual external PSU's?? WA5-Mono four chassis version? 
 Yes, I knew the WA5 wasn't balanced I was wondering about the WA5 monoblocks, if they have headphone connectors as well as speaker outbuts. The logical (since dual 3-pin XLR headphone cables are available) would then be to have speaker taps and an 3-pin XLR at the vack of the WA5 monoblock.  I got the impression that there were XLR in and outs from SilentOne's answer here,
@SilentOne (or anyone) 1) There are 3 pinXLR outputs for headphones on the back? 2) What's the benefit of making wa5 a dual Monoblock as opposed to separate PSU construction? What are tre the downsides?
From the standing point of a reviewer it looks likea promise of hard work and sore ears....... d%b
 I am really happy with the WA22 and the LCD-3, I have tried quite a lot of amps and with the right tubes it is a great match. HD800 is also claimed to be a very good match by many on the WA22, but I haven't heard it more than briefly, so I cannot give advice on that one. 
 (*blush*) Great news, yes - an amp that is designed to be fed by a balanced source usually sounds better when fed balanced. 
WOW!! Great stuff DG! *applause*
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