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 I have compared them side by side with a variety of headphones and really found the Taurus better. More detail, deeper soundstage. Mjolnir is somewhat flatter sounding. Mjolnir is a good amp, but you get a better amp in Taurus. Even the HE6 sounds better at Taurus, even if Mjolnir has higher wattage rated in the specs. 
 With sensitive cans the stepped on the WA22 can be to steppy. With the WA2 I've never had a problem with that. 
 I have noissues with noise or hum on the leven ezcept when using high impedance phones. Low impedance phones, even the 110dB Sennheiser Momerntum are quiet.  I tried it with the Klipsch RF8 rated at 98dB @ 2.83V / 1m and had no hum there either.  I think the hum from the Leben varies a lot with mains and tubes, since others report otherwise. But I think that is a minority. . 
Want to buy a Squeezebox Touch at a reasonable price.    Thanks for watching :)
^ I just do not think people should believe that you need a big speaker amp to get the he6 sound great. I was wondering if you had any specific experience with speaker amps being significantly better than the Taurus, or wether you were just assuming Taurus is a lesser amp following the general "truth" of this thread. That's all
None have heard them all....
Why do you say that? I have tried several good speaker amps, and the Taurus is better. I would be really surprised to find anything significantly better than the Taurus.
Any news on the rumored new Stax top amp?    Someone we know posted a well written and pretty favorable review =)
SR-009 question: Has the 009 been unchanged since launch or has there been small revisions?
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