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 I find it the opposite with both...
 I have both, and prefer the Leben. Both are actually really great matches for the LCD3, but there is something about the Leben... More alive, in a way. 
 They changed it since this thread was started. They inserted conversion units. Basically the newWA22's are thus converting unbalanced to balanced from the viewpoint of the amp. Older WA22 can have these converters installed by Woo - but you will have to pay for the cost, of course. 
 +1 There is nothing wrong with the SE output - it is GOOD. 
 So you have 3 sets - because they are significantly different.  When I first compared my two sets (didn't intend to keep both..) - I thougt - "hey - it is actually not insane to keep them both..."  My 16XXX is sounding very neutral and might be called flat wrt frequency response, but not in terms of the soundstage - that i superb. This corresponds to the your impressions of your 159XX. Your 123XX is descriebed as "open" and with extra boost at 6kHz. This corresponds to...
 I agree with citraian. The SE is good compared to most amps out there, but the balanced output is clearly better. 
 So - how do they sound relative to each other? 
 Nah - I have tried pressuring and lifting the cups while music is playing, but the difference is still there. Pads feel and look similar. I might try swapping them just to be 100% sure. 
I have currently two HD800's in my posession. One is serial 16XXX, the other is 28XXX serial. They sound pretty different for identical headphones. The 28XXX is a bit fatter, bolder, bassier, mids more up front - while it is loosing some of that exceptional soundstage wideness in comparison to the 16XXX. The 28XXX sounds louder too when comparing them side by side I have to adjust the volume to feel they are leveled. Both are good, and actually - if you are a headphone...
 Is the GS-X mkII you are reffering to?
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