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Recently posted a comparative review of the HD650 and the HD600, if anyone is interested:
 I have no experience with the CS of neither, actually. Both companies do impress me - Schiit for making good stuff at good prices and Audeze for making good stuff with a unique sound (for not that good prices..) Agree on the Audeze cable - it totally ruins the feel of the product. 
 Sigh... One year ago my currency was 30% stronger against the USD..... Will be exiting to hear some reports about the M9+HE1000 combo- All good things seem to come from China nowadays, so it'll probably be great $)
 You can put it that way - by "warmer" in this case I mean gentle but detailed highs and whart I percieve as a very subtle amount of mid-bass presence than Taurus. So it is neutral - but if anything it leans a tad to the darker side, or rather "unbright". I certainly wouldn't call it colored in any way - but all amps is something relative to another, if you know what I mean. 
 I think the M9 is better. But that doesn't mean that you will ,) At this level, swapping amps are ofte side-grades more than upgrades, if you know what I mean. The M9 is slightly warmer (but still at least as resolving) than the Taurus, and FWIR also compared to the GS-X. The Ragnarok seems to be strikingly similar sounding to the GS-X according to this review. So basically, my impession is that M9 is the slightly warmer sounding of these amps. If that is what you are...
 Unfortunately - but I am very eager to give it a listen - it certainly is an interestnin product.  You have the Lcd-3 - what is it with the Tauus that makes you want to go for something else?
 I've read a comparison somewhere that they are on the same level, but M9 slighlty warmer sounding, GSX "rawer" sounding - if I remember coorect. It is a very neutral and natural sounding amp.  I generally think the  notion of "wire with gain" is a less useful expression (even though it is widely used) - but I assume you mean "neutral with low disotrion" - which it certainly is. 
Haven't heard the CS600, but the CS300 is stunning with both Audezes, I would certainly go for the LCD3 if money is no issue. I see you have the HD650 - that should indicate that you'll enjoy the LCD3. FWIW. 
 Grado actually initially named their models after USD price, if I am not mistaken
 I like the M9 better for both, actually M9 is probably among the best I have heard for both of those cans so far.  Taurus is a very good amp, but sometimes it  gets slightly on the bright side with some cans.  The M9 has a better synergy with some brighter cans like especially the HD 800, in my ears. 
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