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Very interesting indeed. I will investigate this. No hum at all with HD600?
HaveI'glad you got something out of it :-)I have not heard the F-version, so I have no idea. But it would surprise me if it was totally different, from shat I have read the difference between the x, xs an tha plain versions are small. But what seems a bit odd is that the output impedance is 300 ohm for headphones at Lebens specs list. They haven't stated the outp.imp. For the XS, but Leben has stated that it was best for low impedance cans.From the Leben pages it seems...
I actially have compared the Mjolnir and Taurus here: http://www.headphoneer.com/mjolnir-vs-taurus/ I also compared the Taurus to the Conductor, and the Conductor to the Leben om the same site, http://www.headphoneer.com/the-burson-conductor/Hope it can be of any help About the hum issues mentioned avove, it is the only drawback for the Leben. But i have had no hum with lcd3, 2, He500, q701 among others. But for high impedance and especially sensitive headphones i do...
The hum issue is almost exclusively with high impedance headphones for most people. A DC filter might help, i will ge one after summer
 There are two versions of the Leben's output. One is 1W the other is 0.8W. The 1W option is by special order - but it is just a matter of two resistors easily swapped by any tech/DIY. I have the 1W version. See here:http://www.head-fi.org/t/415214/the-leben-cs300xs-thread/1290#post_8731184
 I find it the opposite with both...
 I have both, and prefer the Leben. Both are actually really great matches for the LCD3, but there is something about the Leben... More alive, in a way. 
 They changed it since this thread was started. They inserted conversion units. Basically the newWA22's are thus converting unbalanced to balanced from the viewpoint of the amp. Older WA22 can have these converters installed by Woo - but you will have to pay for the cost, of course. 
 +1 There is nothing wrong with the SE output - it is GOOD. 
 So you have 3 sets - because they are significantly different.  When I first compared my two sets (didn't intend to keep both..) - I thougt - "hey - it is actually not insane to keep them both..."  My 16XXX is sounding very neutral and might be called flat wrt frequency response, but not in terms of the soundstage - that i superb. This corresponds to the your impressions of your 159XX. Your 123XX is descriebed as "open" and with extra boost at 6kHz. This corresponds to...
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