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The 2900 is rather bright and bossy, HD650 is warmer sounding. They are opposites, in a way. Neither is very neutral, why'd you settle on these two? I would use the HD650 if I had a good amp with it, because it's less excessive in the extremes.
 Seems you didn't list any rectifiers ?  
So true. I often find this to new the case. Enjoy, art least one gets more of a peace of mind when one has experienced this =)
Ahh, too bad you aren't really happy about the Taurus, I am getting curious about the mkI / mkII differnence. I also am getting curious about the Lyr.   Looking forward to your HD800 impressions :)
Chiming in to join the crowd, the LCD3 is really stellar with WA22. The Woo gives the upper mids a slight push, and it is just perfect for the Audeze =)
 I kind of like the HE6 with the WA22. It has lots of charm. Not the last word on speed for the HE6 maybe, but still - I was very surprised how good it sounded. I guess it is quite tube dependent - I used VT231, 5998, GZ34 :)
 Great! For which cans?
...... since the moment you started this thread...... :P
 Yup. But look at it this way: With SS amps you have to swap the whole amp to get a new sound, with tubes you just swap the tubes :)
1) It will make a world of difference! 2) Of course you are! (just kidding. Just get the tubes, start rolling. Swapping tubes is like drinking different coffees, wines or teas. Just start rolling the tubes. Woo upgrades are generally good and the tubes are not overpriced, but you can check out ebay for reference)
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