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 Haven't compared them side by side, but the M9 has really wowed me. Not that I am getting rid of everything else, but it solid state at its best. Crystal clear yet warmish and not bright/hard/edgy. Great tight and full bass - that is probably where it has its main comparative advantage to the WA22 - but I'll have to come back o that when I get a chance to rig them both up. And it drives the HE6 veeeery well (so you can trade your HD800 for one and go totally ortho ,) The...
 Very simply put: Class A gets just as hot no matter if you play anything or not - opposed to the other classes that gets hotter the more/louder you play.  I turn mine off when I don't use it (unless I know I am coming back to it soon), for class A stuff I think thats the the normal way to handle it. Your capacitators etc will dry out if you leave it on 24/7
I do not believe in end game rigs, but if I did I would be tempted to give you a positive :-D
Have spent some time now with the Master 9, and it is truly a spectacular amp! Mostly been using it with LCD3, HE6 and Shure 1840, all with great success :-)I use HE6 with Master 9 and it is kept at 50-55 except for some classical recordings. Balanced in, balanced out, source V800
FWIW I have the T1 which I normally find less bright than the HD800 - and it is too bright for me on the Taurus. Same thing with the bright and bassy Ultrasone Pro 2900. I find Taurus not being an amp that tames brightness. But HD800 is a strange beast with sometimes surprising synergies, so....Tyll don't do amp reviews, presumably because he used to be an insider strongly involved in the making the Headroom amps - as I have understood it, but John will correct me if I am...
How much voltage is that?
InterestingInteresting..The modification must be a balanced to single ended conversion, and will never be quite as good as balanced input, but if implemented well it will probably be fine. Many amps does this, and it gives the amp the possibility to deliver the same wattage when fed unbalanced, which is good news :-)
Basically yes. It is important to have balanced input since the the amplification is balanced, but after the output transformers it is single ended and the balanced outputs are for convenience.
What else is known about the Aries?
So how would you describe what you hear - and what amps have you compared the Taurus with using the HE6?
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