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  Indeed! So does the more elegant (but more expensive) 12R, which has a headphone output on the side
If you sit close enough, it might qualify as headphones, in a k1000 way ;-) How is the bass in those?
Leben CS300XS playing with no load? No problem according to Leben customer support when I asked . Assuring to know you can swap headphones without having to turn it off :-) "It is no problem to power on without connecting speakers or headphone."
Jude seems to hold the Abyss quite high on certain parameters.Might interest you reading him testing the Ragnarok with HE6 and AbyssNew Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil - Page 113
Well, the cabling will be different so you cannot say it doesn't matter... ,)
Just make sure you listen to them well amped.... ,)
 Ihaven't heard the Abyss, but I must say that M9 and HE6 sounds like what many would describe as end game performance - and at a very competitive price indeed :) I see you have a F5 clone for your HE6 - have you heard the M9 with HE6?
Why?? I must say it seems overpriced.. And a well fed HE6 is very hard to beat...
Sure they do. So basically you'll have to get the HE6 in addition, it complements the LCD3 and HD800 very well !)
Indeed!Haha, they probably weigh the same too, can't get any further from portable headfi :-)
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