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 So you are saying that everything in your house must be check for polarity - or just the hifi-stuff?
I have not tried any of that, I might be getting a DC filter, I think, but mostly I don't bother since I have different amps for the high imp headphones. Local power does seem to vary on such things, I have only tried it three places in the same area of my home town, so I shouldn't generalize, I am under the pression that 230v users such as myself are more at risk for hum than 110v.
 HD650 is not for people who prefers the treble to be highlighted. To me it sounds like you want the HD600. Someone should tell Apogee that they are wearing the HD800 backwards in their Apogee ad, haha:  
Exciting. Any clues about pricing?
Mighty beautiful!
Glad you got something out of it Unfortunately, I haven't rolled enough tubes to be certain I have squeezed all the greatness neither of these amps surely can offer, but I do feel they have different characters. I'd love to see those dual 596 in my Cary, though..
 Thanks - fixed ,)
Just posted a review comparing the SLI-80 Signature with the Leben CS300XS for headphone use:   http://www.headphoneer.com/cary-sli-80-sig-vs-leben-cs300-xs-review/
Just posted a review - comparing the Leben CS300XS with the Cary SLI-80 Signature:   http://www.headphoneer.com/cary-sli-80-sig-vs-leben-cs300-xs-review/
Thanks, good to hear that my impressions are shared by other qualified ears The HE6 is maybe my "if you had to live with only one" headphone. Using it with the m9 which is great, but I am really curious about those Firstwatts...Actually, to get back to the Leben - for music that doesn't require much bass control (like slow jazz, chamber music etc), the CS300xs and HE6 is quite delicious
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