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 Sounds like HD800 to me. T1 is a warmer sounding version of the same sound signature, HD700 the same but in a different way. All three has got great imaging and a big scene. I find HD700 to be least bright, but if tH900 doesn't bother you with its brightness, I doubt HD800 will. HD800 and T1 are difficult to match with amplifier. HD700 is much more flexible.
Woo WA2!! . (Or Beyer A1 for solid state)
 I would really double check this with Audio-gd. This is about more than impedance matching, there has to be a actual conversion. I really doubt (but don't know) if this can be done passively in a cable, but even if it is, I see no reason why it should be better than Audio-gd's own conversion in the M9. And if I was to try out such a cable, I would be afraid of causing damage to my M9. BTW - I read about someone who had tested ACSS vs XLR and couldn't hear the...
 That sounds very strange. The whole point about ACSS is that it is a current signal, as opposed to the normal voltage signal (RCA and XLR). The internals of the M9 and the Audiogd DACs are using using current signal, so the ACSS connection is for the M9 to get the current signal straight from a dac like the M7 withou having to convert it into voltage signal and back (like when using xlr or rca) So if you can make such a cable (xlr to acss) work, there need to be some...
It is a very good sounding combo, but it will not make your HD650 sound as lush as some other amps, if that's your thing. 
 All the headphone-cable makers are happy to make you one, like DHC, Norne, Q-Audio, ALO, Charleston etc etc . Blue Jeans Cables are also an alternative - they custom build at low prices. 
Ahhh - 300B... I deserve    Just barely on topic - but since we are dicussion the power-needs og HE-6, these posts by Justin_Time is interesting, since he has tried many amps for the HE-6 and still find the 1 Watt EAR HP4 among the greater amps for HE-6:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/529873/amps-that-can-drive-the-hifiman-he-6-planar-headphones/3540#post_11163590   http://www.head-fi.org/t/428570/woo-audio-amp-owner-unite/30585#post_10752167
 I am not sure that it is only the watts, you are comparing the Taurus with amps that are almost twice the price.  The Taurus is 1899 USD The WA5 is minimum 3500 USD (+ 1200 for parts upgrade + 1500 for nice tubes , fastly passing 6000....) The 430HA is 3500 USD But I appreciate you sharing, you make WA5 increase its position on "my want to have"-list...  I just do not want people to think that HE-6 is a bad choice for the Taurus. Because it is not! Actually, I doubt there...
 Go YES PLEASE, BOTH!  Why don't you ask for non-shorted inputs on just one or two of the inputs? 
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