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 I think it is wrong to rule out the HE-6 for the Taurus, just because there are even better amps. Let me elaborate:  1) The HE-6 is a great headphone with the Taurus. If you want to spend 1000-1500 USD on a heaphone for the Taurus the HE-6 might very well be a great choice. It depends on taste and preferences. It is a high end setup, even if there are even better amps. I'd rather spend the rest of my life with HE-6 an Taurus than a range of other highly praised...
The HE6 is a great headphone when powered by the Taurus. It can be even better when powered by a better amp. Is it really more complicated than that?
 Sounds like a plan :) I am really looking forward to hearing the HE1000, I am a big fan of the HE500 and HE6. Unfortunately, Hifiman abandoned their high-end-at-a-budget-pricing policy, though.. If you cannot make the stretch, the HE6 is great with the M9 =)
 I have nightmares about that .) 
 Sure - there many good reasons for sanity... =) I believe that I have tried more amps than the average head-fier - and certainly has owned more at the same time than most. And I'll put the M9 on top of my SS list. I would believe that most of the people you refer to wander on to other amps because they will always wander on to something else, no matter how good what they have is. There are "End-game-personalities, and "constant-wanderers". I have the 009 - it is the best...
 Stopped counting ;)
 No no. Just got the HDVD800 purely out of curiosity. It is after all one of the main HD800-amps - so I thought I'd at least should've tried it more than briefly. I've demoed it in a shop once, and it had a good way with the HD800, which most amps get to be a bit too bright. I haven't compared them side by side yet, but am pretty sure the M9 will come out on top, though.  I'll share some impressions later to those interested I am far beyond a "one amp" situation by this...
 Listening to Olga Konkova on the HDVD800/HD800-combo =) Working on a new shelf/drawer to fit the Audio-gd stuff along the others, and nice big drawers for the cans. Nothing fancy, but functional. 
 I would be worried about transformer hum with those power regenerators. How did you experience that?
Він каже, що він зловживає китайський Verion з "Google Translate" ;) Seriously - he is saying that the price increase is higher than the increase in performance. I wouldn't go for the HE-9 right now - seems to be a bit immature. neugra can surely comment on this
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