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 Well - you ordered a custom built version..... The unpatient should always go for stock .P
 Because they are busy making low-cost high-end stuff ,)
 I don't agree. The Mjolnir is very neutral and revealing. 
Audio Valve has made  their "Impedancer" and "Verto" fir their headphone amps to work with speakers etc. Don't know if it'll work well with the m9, though, and it's pricey
 I think the HD700 is a total bargain at the new pricepoint, and use it more than the HD800 and other more expensive headphones. 
 Using the search-this-thread function ion "sparkle" it seems that user "arcticnoise" mentioned this a couple of times.  I read this solely as a positive thing. Treble should be smooth. Edgy treble is often descriebed as sparkly. Some like disorted treble, though ,)
 Who claims? 
 Congratulations! Two really great amps there :-) I would not stack those like that, though. The M9 should have more air to loose that extra heat. Your DAC probably don't like it either..
 The Taurus makes the HD650 very detailed and authorative, indeed :) I meant HD650 sounding lush as in full, rich, smooth - some amps make HD650 sound more rich and smooth than the Taurus. Matter of taste. 
 No, HD800 Well never be smooth like 650. They are totally different and always will be. But a good amp-match helps.  If you want something smoother, Audeze is usually a good choice, unless you are listening at unusually low volume. Hifiman HE6 and HE500 are also warmer sounding than the HD800, especially HE500. If you like HD650, HE500 should be in your taste. The new HE 560 is very different, brighter, more like HD800.
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