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 Good one ,)
 Great to hear that =) Do you know what version you have - what output resistors in the HP circuit?
 Totally agree =)
Totally agree with you on he6 is best balanced on Taurus, but for HE500 I find it very nice with the unbalanced out. But more fun to have the option to try both, of course :-)
 Yes indeed!. The LCD3 and HE500 are great in different ways on the Taurus. You might also throw in the HE6 while you are at it ,)
Thanks for sharing - please let us know how you're gonna work this out. Have you visited this thread: ? Those guys are totally dedicated, haha - but someone running tubes for th HE6 would be a welcome variation ,)
Lots of people would agree with you, and quite a lot would disagree... But that aside, tell us more about thethe tube amp for the HE6? The HE 6 can sound gorgeous with the Leben on some music, but often gets too soft.
 ... as a solid state kind of guy would have put it.....  I generally find it harder to hear the difference between dacs on headphones than with speakers. I guess it has something to do with the listening room, dampening effects etc. 
 Looks like a nice device :) How is it with speakers? btw - found a nice informative review,
Mostly V800, also tried with M51
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