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Anyone know if one can use a digital RCA to XLR cable on the m51?   I would like to have one more coax input and know by direct experience that this can be done with Lavry DA11 and Violectric V800.    Thanks
Wow! Congratulations! Looks awesome - that's some upgrade package! Is it still a SLI 80?
The Ultrasounds I have heard sound very good...
Love your description, That's what it is all about.You really make me want to consider this mod, even though I am happy with the plain version 😊
 I stand corrected  But still - it would surprise me if great amplifier matches for the T1 would be significantly worse matches for the T1v2. But only time will show.. 
 I would think so. They only made minor changes to the dampening. And I found the WA2/T1 brighter than other good matches, so if they made T1 slightly less bright it still should be nice :)
 The reason they have not done anything about it is beacuse it only affects a high impedance headphones. I have never had a problem with speakers, even quite sensitive ones. And cost is a key, of course, since every expense at factory level is mutiplied manyfold moving through importers/distributors and dealers. The cheapest option for fixing this (except the one sugested by Kevin Gilmore) might just be to move the main trafo over to an external case.... 
You are probably right about that. The hum is stronger in the channel that has it's otput transformer closer to the main transformer.  Here is a cure suggested by Kevin Gilmore... I have not gotten around to try it (yet), it requires some skills: http://www.head-fi.org/t/686511/magnetic-shielding-of-trafo-inside-leben-amp
Thanks - I'll be getting one of those - nice to have =)
 It is nice with the HE-6 - but you can do better. Bass is tighter on more powerful amps. 
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