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 Thanks :) Hehe - I was waiting for someone to catch me on that cable - Couldn't find the stock one... Still - I am pretty sure I would have made the same observations - the upgrade cable didn't really change the HD650's character that much. But I do not think I descriebed thre HD600 as lesser than the HD650 - but I usually preferred it du to its laid back smoothness, something the HD650 has that seems quite unique. Some love it , some hate it - but I am a HD650 guy :) But...
 That's what I think. It is hard to predict the perfect synergy with dac's. Also, the variation in sound signature is more relevant in less expensive dacs in my experience.  
 So - am I understanding you correctly if I think you say is you might want a colored/mid-centric DAC?  I haven't heard the Questyle, but tend to find most modern DACs to sound quite similar with regrades to sound signature - because - relatively speaking - they are all trying to be neutral. They vary mostly on detail retrieval and speed in the different frequency areas,but they mostly have a quite similar tonal balance.  FWIW - I guess what I am saying is that it is more...
 So - what is your personal taste?
Ahh - got the WA2 out from its shameful storagein a closet, fired it up and plugged in the HD800. What a bliss. I love this amp!
This is exciting. I am happy to see they stick with their classic design. If they really are 1200 ohm, it will make a difference on amplification. Audeze already changed the impedance from 50 (?) to 120 ohm on the LCD3, so high impedance planars - is that the next big thing?
So tubes make a big difference.. Hmm. What other tubes do you have in your amp when it doesn't hum? Are you on 100, 110 or 230 V ?
 FWIW - Havent heard the Crack - but have the WA2. I dont normally use the HD650 with it because I have a hum issue with that combination, but it sounds really good. I envy you who (I assume) do not have hum with the CS300/DH650 combo!
Anyone know if one can use a digital RCA to XLR cable on the m51?   I would like to have one more coax input and know by direct experience that this can be done with Lavry DA11 and Violectric V800.    Thanks
Wow! Congratulations! Looks awesome - that's some upgrade package! Is it still a SLI 80?
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