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 So - you are saying that good XLR cables sound better than audio-gd's ACSS?   How did the Double Helix cable come out then?
That's why TNT is bringing me some cables as we speak. But seriously I do not expect much of a differencedifference, punit seems to support this expectation. A true balanced amplifier having to give unbalanced output requires more compromises than converting from voltage to current signal. 
 Second that. Have you not heard the M9 balanced, you havent really heard it. Not that it is bad unbalanced, just even better...
 And that is a true shame. It has been my long time vfm favourite. But there is no doubt you can pick up one here:
 Yup.... Maybe the HE500, if I failed to mention it? It is truly great - why have I failed to convince you?  ,)
True. It is not beter, just different. You might just wait for the HE1000 ,)
 I love HE500 and Taurus with female voices, very intimate, natural and warmish sounding, yet detailed nuanced and  punchy. It gives you the feel of a real live event at a concert scene or club with good audio equipment.  Every Taurus owner should have a HE500. They are made to be! I think the HD800 gets too clinical sounding with most amps, including the Taurus.  But "clinical" is often relatively better with classical than other music. 
 I find the hd800 needing a warmer sounding amp than the Taurus. Taurus runs good with most, but the HD800 is a special case. Some like it very much with the Taurus, I don't. The LCD3 is great with it, though. . To mention some alternative good matching headphones for the Taurus: HE500, (especially great!) HD650 and HD700. What kind of sound are you seeking?
 Excellent term. That's what good CS is about. 
 Is this a mkI? I think they had this problem in 110V regions with the first version, and that was the main reason they made the mkII.  I have never had such issues with my mkI in a 230V environment. 
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