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You might be right, but how? Why is Audio-gd wrong in their recommendation? And whjy did the make this so in the first place - is there any advantages (price, simplicity etc) ?
Yes - I have swapped dac and whatsnot without experiencing. Only thing is there was a noticable hum when I connedted the M9 and another amp to the same DAC. So I figured the M9 was something special...No harm done - but I didn't leave it that way for long. And I have been using modern dacs only.  
Kingwa says this on the site:     The rule of the power ON /  OFF: Power On :      Source power ON ---->  DAC power ON ---->  Master 9 power ON ----> Amp power ON  Power Off:     Amp power OFF ---->  Master 9 power OFF  ---> DAC power OFF ---> Source power OFF .,     I never knew that not doing this could damage your dac, though...    But from the above instructions it seems you can always leave your dac on??
 Congratulations - Hope you will cherish it as much as I do mine =) Looking foreward to hearing your impressions
 This depends on how much deep bass that is in the music. I find if i listen to music with little low end bass - it is a great headphone - airy, delicte and the miods are great. But when the bass kicks in, I have to turn down the volume, necessarily leaving the mids less dominant... Problem with these cans is that they have a subwoofer kicking in beliw 50 hz or something (seems to correspond to the graph) But except that, I have grown to become a big fan of these. Just not...
 Not yet - but it will come for sure. It deserves a really thorough review. But I am quite certain I will conclude that it is my favorite ss amp ;)
 Thanks :) HD800 and HD700 are totally different from HD6650/600.  I have often thought about the PRO2900 as a T1 with more bass. And the HD800 is like a more open soundint T1. I am gonna do a HD800 and T1 review in not too long a time I hope - maybe I am gonna take you up on that :) I'll at least give them a comparative listen and come back to you ,)
Recently posted a comparative review of the HD650 and the HD600, if anyone is interested:
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