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 Loads of tubes are good, and I guess you get the most qualified asnwer in the Woo-thread  I've played around a bit. Lately I have been using a NOS black base Mullard GZ34 , TS5998s and Sylvania VT231. The rectifier is the somehow especially significant for the sound signature, so if you start tuberolling, I'd start with that. Also - be warned - you can easily spend more than the cost of the amp on tubes. But you do...
Hmmm.. Generally I really like the V200, and wouldn't call it dry. It is clean, yet dark with full bass. It is great with LCD2, and lots of other cans, but not with the LCD3. I have a feeling the LCD3 likes an amp that gives a little extra push in the upper mids, like the WA22.
Yes, they are different, but also some similarities. HE6 has more meat on the bone, while the 009 has got more of that airy stat resolution. Both are great :-)
^ I really wouldn't recommend the V200 with the LCD3, unless you are really into laid back sound. Maybe it is a different thing with tFazorzor version, but my LCD3 gets a bit too dark with the V200. Not bad, but somewhat dull.
Well, I felt it had a similar sound signature. But as I said, I didn't have them side by side, and memory is always unreliable in such matters.But I got to compare them both directly to both v200 and Taurus, and in that comparison both Mjolnir and Conductor had some similarities. A major difference is that the mojo does a decent job with the HE 6, the Conductor doesn't.
3It doesn't add anything, but is slightly smooth, as well as neutral and detailed. If you like neutral, it is not a bad choice. From memory, it kind of reminds me of Mjolnir, except having better image depth.Still preferring WA22 and CS300XS, but hey, those are also more expensive. And they lack a DAC. I found the onboard DAC quite good.Still preferring the Taurus to the Conductor overall, but I tend to like variation, so I had no problem appreciating the Conductor 😊😊
I've had the Burson Conductor on loan for a while, and it sounds great with the LCD3. Very nice imaging especially, quite neutral yet nice and smooth.
I do, the Taurus is very capable :-)
 True - but at low levels you also need the bass to come through... without overshadowing the mids.. it is a tricky game. But I have the T1, which is really quite bright - they are good for low level listening, and terrible for loud listening. Still - they fatigue me more at low levels than the Audezes or Hifimans or HD650 does at higher levels... 
 I like the HE-6 on the Taurus quite a lot too :)
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