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 With sensitive cans the stepped on the WA22 can be to steppy. With the WA2 I've never had a problem with that. 
 I have noissues with noise or hum on the leven ezcept when using high impedance phones. Low impedance phones, even the 110dB Sennheiser Momerntum are quiet.  I tried it with the Klipsch RF8 rated at 98dB @ 2.83V / 1m and had no hum there either.  I think the hum from the Leben varies a lot with mains and tubes, since others report otherwise. But I think that is a minority. . 
Want to buy a Squeezebox Touch at a reasonable price.    Thanks for watching :)
^ I just do not think people should believe that you need a big speaker amp to get the he6 sound great. I was wondering if you had any specific experience with speaker amps being significantly better than the Taurus, or wether you were just assuming Taurus is a lesser amp following the general "truth" of this thread. That's all
None have heard them all....
Why do you say that? I have tried several good speaker amps, and the Taurus is better. I would be really surprised to find anything significantly better than the Taurus.
Any news on the rumored new Stax top amp?    Someone we know posted a well written and pretty favorable review =)
SR-009 question: Has the 009 been unchanged since launch or has there been small revisions?
Om a balanced amp always go balanced in if you can choose.I also prefer the he6 balanced out.
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