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 And that is a true shame. It has been my long time vfm favourite. But there is no doubt you can pick up one here:
 Yup.... Maybe the HE500, if I failed to mention it? It is truly great - why have I failed to convince you?  ,)
True. It is not beter, just different. You might just wait for the HE1000 ,)
 I love HE500 and Taurus with female voices, very intimate, natural and warmish sounding, yet detailed nuanced and  punchy. It gives you the feel of a real live event at a concert scene or club with good audio equipment.  Every Taurus owner should have a HE500. They are made to be! I think the HD800 gets too clinical sounding with most amps, including the Taurus.  But "clinical" is often relatively better with classical than other music. 
 I find the hd800 needing a warmer sounding amp than the Taurus. Taurus runs good with most, but the HD800 is a special case. Some like it very much with the Taurus, I don't. The LCD3 is great with it, though. . To mention some alternative good matching headphones for the Taurus: HE500, (especially great!) HD650 and HD700. What kind of sound are you seeking?
 Excellent term. That's what good CS is about. 
 Is this a mkI? I think they had this problem in 110V regions with the first version, and that was the main reason they made the mkII.  I have never had such issues with my mkI in a 230V environment. 
 Well - you ordered a custom built version..... The unpatient should always go for stock .P
 Because they are busy making low-cost high-end stuff ,)
 I don't agree. The Mjolnir is very neutral and revealing. 
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