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LCD-X and TH900 works fine for me, and i have the high power version resistors in the output.
  Thanks guys! Yes - the HDVD800 has really gotten that much love, but it is a safe choice for the HD800. Any comments on the HD800 vs HD800S and the HDVD800, Dionysus? 
My take on the HDVD800, if someone is intersted :)
 I like the 5998 a lot, and also the 6AS7G, I have Rayethon , although they can be a bit more prone to noise. But there are many good tubes. Worth checking out/asking in these threads:
Thanks, I agree, Ultrasone has some headphones worth owning
I tried a lot of stuff, but the only thing that helped was taking apart the thing as much as I dared and clean it with crc electronic cleaner and a swab. The smell is in a layer of fat that clings pretty hard to any surface exposed. I also sent the pads a round in the washing machine (velour pads)
 Not stupid at all. I feel the same way about it. Even after many years of ownership and a growing collection of amps, the WA2 is still very special. Best looking amp ever. And for high impedance headphones it is really, really good, and quite reasonably priced..  I have used it and liked it with many low impedance amps. So if you have the amp - it shouldn't stop you from trying out "les than ideal" matches - they still may sound terrific.  Owning several headphones is...
Well, with the WA2 you want a high impedance headphone. That's where it shines. Especially if you are afraid of "laid back" sound - because if the impedance ratio gets to low things tend to get over dampened and mellow (low impedance headphones with high output impedance amps..)   I really think the T1 would be a great choice. At least for me it is fun and puts a grin on my face. The new version is supposed to have more bass and less peaky highs. But I find the original...
Which amp do you have?Are you sure you have heard the HD650 properly amped?
I realized my local dealer/importer offers the upgrade plan as well. Might be something to check out for others, to avoid problems with customs. But be quick, the offer soon ends.. They must be selling replacement pads at some time.... This reminds me of when Audeze refused to sell LCD3 pads to non LCD3 owners... Except refusing v1 owners the new pads, THAT I agree would be "pissing in their face" Let's hope for more it's a matter of supply. I take it for granted that the...
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