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What else is known about the Aries?
So how would you describe what you hear - and what amps have you compared the Taurus with using the HE6?
I have tried several high quality speaker amps (and headphone amps) but my Taurus mki bests them all. I think Taurus is worth getting for the HE6. And vice versa.
 My impression is that the hum varies - may be due to local AC conditions.  However, it seems that is prone to humming with high impedance headphones. Haven't tried many speakers, but y unit didn't have a noticable  hum with the Klipsch RF82 (98dB) - which was a great pairing, I must add - abolutely reccomended as a budget speaker option for the Leben.  However - with very sensitive speakers (>100), most amps will have...
Great! Are you using rca clear-tops?
^ Have you tried multiple extension cables in series? Maybe the sound will improve even more ;-) Seriously, only guess I have is that it might have to do with electrostatics being high voltage, and that this will affect how the signal is affected in a cable. I know digital coax cables are argued to be better if they are a couple of meters due to matters of reflection, so shorter isn't always better.
 You can run STD mode on both - so basically a 4pin is more flexible. I prefer both - according to the genre, recording etc. Basically the STD mode is smoother. 
 I would think the HE-6 would suit you well - it has a quite different and more punchy presentation, while still having the detail and openness. 
 Just be careful where you stick your fingers... 
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