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 Is the GS-X mkII you are reffering to?
What speakers do you have - can you bi-amp? Run the 500MB for the bass only?
 No problem. How was it interesting? What kind of flavor did you get?
 Very true. Then they could have replaced the TRS with another 4-pin - so you could run rwo 4-pins as well.  Hey  - that'd be something you can custom order! 
 Tyll Hertsens, who introduced the dual 3-pin XLR have kind of publicly asked forgiveness from headfidom for doing so. 4-pin will serve you just as good.
 I think it is just a passive pre-amp-out. 
 Word.  It is like when you have a great sounding rig - the first thing that comes to mind is "This sounds so good that I  need to upgrade ASAP!"
pm sent :)
 What do you mean "basically"? Is there any crackling, noise etc? Most common problem is just dust and corrosion on the internal switches blocking the electrons from moving freely. Electrons  do not like that and refuses to move. Spray some cleaner, like Caig Deoxit D5 in there - it is all open, it seems :) 
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