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The words came out a bit confusing, sorry. I am trying to say the same as you.
Indeed, the M9 is not hiding anything. It is maybe wrong to call it dark, it is simply put just not a bright amp, it ain't adding treble intensity... (Edit )
 I wouldn't call it warm, but rather ever so slightly darkish compared to some other amps, like the Taurus. But yes, it is better described as neutral. It is a very revealing amp. Love it. 
I have tried several speaker amps of good quality with the HE6, and always preferred the Taurus.There is always something slightly better out there, but some headphone amps like Taurus or the M9 actually plays the HE6 to a level where has become one of my absolute favorites.
Ain't it fun funny that no one ever seems to have done a good comparison between one of the great HE6-speaker-amps and great headphone amp amps like the Taurus or the Master 9?
Well, the M9 drives all my headphones to a very, very satisfactory result, including the LCD3 and the HE6. I haven't heard the X on the M9, so I cannot help you with anything but that the LCD 3 is really good with it, and that the X and the 3 sounds quite similar in general, the 3 giving a slightly darker and smoother feeling. If you have the shelf space, the M9 is a bargain. And it comes with a 10 year warranty :-)
^ Just go get it ,)
 Loads of tubes are good, and I guess you get the most qualified asnwer in the Woo-thread  I've played around a bit. Lately I have been using a NOS black base Mullard GZ34 , TS5998s and Sylvania VT231. The rectifier is the somehow especially significant for the sound signature, so if you start tuberolling, I'd start with that. Also - be warned - you can easily spend more than the cost of the amp on tubes. But you do...
Hmmm.. Generally I really like the V200, and wouldn't call it dry. It is clean, yet dark with full bass. It is great with LCD2, and lots of other cans, but not with the LCD3. I have a feeling the LCD3 likes an amp that gives a little extra push in the upper mids, like the WA22.
Yes, they are different, but also some similarities. HE6 has more meat on the bone, while the 009 has got more of that airy stat resolution. Both are great :-)
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