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 You made me curious..Tried reverse translation :) Yes . When you set the output switch for " helmet " , there is no difference if you are pregnant or not connected to what I know .
 ^ Happy listening -  BTW, didn't know I spoke French ;)
 Yes. When you set the output switch to "headphone", there is no difference if you have speakers or not connected as far as I know. 
Auralic was quoted somewhere that the PRE is a bit brighter. This is because it is meant to perform optimally as a pre-amplifier for speakers, and since speakers are situated further from the ear ( with the following loss of high frequencies when the sound travels those extra meters to the ear) that is the way it should be. So the PRE is for people who prioritize speakers and/or want a brighter amp. I haven't heard the PRE , though. Haven't tried out the Taurus as a pre...
That's great news (and about time...) Any knowledge of when they started this new practice?
 That is correct. You can use a normal 1/4' TRS plug. As long as the inputs are balanced, you get balanced amplification. XLR and TRS outputs are wired in such a matter that they are the same anyhow. The XLR outputs are just for convenience and looks. 
 (edit: Unless you have a very new one) NO 1) But - it is still good. It is not like it is 50% worse, just do not have as much juice. And if you have cans that do not need that extra juice, you are fine. I have enjoyed the WA22 for countless hours with a RCA input. But buying the WA22 and not planning for adding a balanced source in the future should make you think about other options - like the WA6SE.  2) I read somewhere that Woo was going to add unbalanced to balanced...
 Been trying out the LCD-X on Taurus and it is great, especially in balanced mode. Gotta be careful with the volume knob, though.  
 I compared the Burson Conductor and the Taurus, and my experience mirrors your observation. Better separation, image depth, micro detail - and also crisper, clearer and punchier. The Conductor is a very good amp, and with an especially impressive onboard dac, but couldn't match the Taurus on "objective" criteria, really. However, some might prefer the less upfront presentation of the  Conductor, it feels a bit smoother. 
About 3 AM, if I remember correctly. HE6 sounded underpowered to me on the Conductor, even if the volume was there. Unlike the V200, which is quite good with HE6, even if you have to turn up the volume button quite a bit. But again, the potentiometer-o'clock-test isn't always telling the whole story.
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