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Well, FWIW that is how I'd describe the LCD3 on the WA22 I have heard quite a few amps now with the LCD3, WA22 and CS300XS are my favorites.
I have not yet gotten to listen to the Taboo. But I own the wa22 and some other amps. What headphones are you using, and what sound are yo after?
 Glad you enjoy your amp =) Your UE18's are Impedance 21 / Sensitivity 115,6 dB/1 mW, right? Well - the impedance matching thing is a game of non-absolutes.. Generally, HP impedance is recommended to be significantly higher than the amp's output impedance. However, that is not necessarily imply that if not so, the sound quality is gonna suffer. It depends on how the headphone impedance varies across frequencies. Sometimes, a dismatch is making stuff sound better, because...
Which way do you wear your D7100   Like this?      Or like this?    
 I double that. V200 is not an optimal choice for LCD-3, but sometimes I have found myself leaning back and really enjoying the mystical laid back laid-backness it provides..
Sure, but it might not be of any help. I get it from my local Les Palais des Thes-shop. Think they have a webshop, but might be eu only, never tried it.
 You made me curious..Tried reverse translation :) Yes . When you set the output switch for " helmet " , there is no difference if you are pregnant or not connected to what I know .
 ^ Happy listening -  BTW, didn't know I spoke French ;)
 Yes. When you set the output switch to "headphone", there is no difference if you have speakers or not connected as far as I know. 
Auralic was quoted somewhere that the PRE is a bit brighter. This is because it is meant to perform optimally as a pre-amplifier for speakers, and since speakers are situated further from the ear ( with the following loss of high frequencies when the sound travels those extra meters to the ear) that is the way it should be. So the PRE is for people who prioritize speakers and/or want a brighter amp. I haven't heard the PRE , though. Haven't tried out the Taurus as a pre...
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