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 Really cool. you hv the whole set of LD too. from souce to amp. Nice pic too.
Glowing tubes on the MK IV SE.. really nice and warm.  
Dear psone, Welcome to this forum and particularly this thread. Hope you will enjoy your stay here! :) . I am quite sure you will like the MK IV, paired with the DT-880. This combo has been tested and appreciated for quite a while now, so you won't go wrong.   tiramisu515
haha, I take that as a complement  . The beyer DT-990 (600) is selling at an amazing price on  Do check it out.  
LD Mk III/IV being OTL design amps are more than sufficient to drive the DT-990 600s.   My set up combo is DT-990 600 with LD Mk IV se. Gain setting at high (10). Normal listening level at 3 out of 10.   There are reviews of LD mk III and mk IV on this forum. you can read them out.   enjoy you hunt!  
Hi Jr41, What is the status of your amp now. Have you send it back to David for a replacement?   Keep us updated   Tiramisu515
indeed, and also changed the screws of the MK IV face plate to silver.  
My customised volume knob. Nice?   Mirror(polished) finished. Incredibly reflective. This knob is heavy as it is made of solid brass and plated in Gold. Feels solid! The weight gives a really good feel when turning the knob.    
  Hi . Sup   Neat work there! I am assuming you are using this to hook up a dac with a balance output to the mk IV? I have always been curious, how does it improve the sound? cheers mate.
Acknowledging individual preferences in sound, is it possible for tube rollers here to work toward a reference for tube recommendation with the Mk IV/se using a couple of widely appreciated headphones such as HD 650, HD 600, DT-990, DT-880, AKG 701 etc or even HD 800 and T1. Of course, with an explanation for the recomendation.   eg if it is a HD 650, what would be the best combination of driver and power tubes in MK IV/se.      
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