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My headphone jack has screwed up somehow, I only get sound from the left, when plugging it in before it goes in I get sound from right headphone and then once in fully nothing. :(
  They are loud enough to make you go deaf.
    Yeah I saw that video so is it a problem that can be fixed or not?  Or is the e17 likely to never be able to be used with the SGS3?   I don't really mind, i've been using the E17 for other devices anyway, just wish I could try it with SGS3 until Voodoo Sound gets released.
  Galaxy S 3
   So am I right in thinking the only way to fix this is to create a kernel with the edits by tsynik which could sort it?   Here you go.   What happens is I get the USB Connected or Disconnected information in the notification bar, the E17 gets a lock and even when playing sound out through speaker I connect it in and it still plays like I had just inserted headphones or a dock.   So its just the issue of the kernel not switching over I suppose.    It's like getting to 3rd base then finding out shes saving herself for marriage. Haha
  Here's my log output from the lsusb if you still wanted to see one.    
Basically I am currently using IEM's the Senn IE7's had them for maybe just a little under a year. At first really great and stayed in my ear, only because I bought some of those foam paddings which were pretty good. Good set of IEMs and liked them but need a upgrade cause well they started not staying in my ear anymore and I want headphones for walking a bit of my journey to work.   Can someone recommend some nice portable headphones, not too clunky not too stupid...
Mostly wearing Supras, most recent buy was the Supra Cubans though.   I need some new work shoes though.
I don't care i'll eat anything/
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