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Hello,   I have a a sansa fuze 4gb for sale. Its hasn't been used and i bought it as brand new. The headphones were missing and there is a hair size blemish on the screen seen under light so i guess it was open box. The screen and the body have no other hair style scratches so i doubt its not brand new. The shop told me it was old stock and not refurbished if it makes any difference.   I checked the battery and it seems it works perfectly. I stopped it after 18 hours...
Hey guys.. the search feature doesnt help to find impressions for the fxz 100 model.. can you help a bit? or should we start a different threat or something?
Hey sorry for the late reply.. Yes that was my concern.. it looks like unatural to me when wearing cable up..
  What do you mean never write on it? any links as well for this?
  It says the same for the cheap version. i dont understand why people are not worried about this like i am.
The amazon seller you attach is the same seller on ebay.. And he does the same thing on amazon as well.. One item for the price you paid.. and one item here for a lot more   EDIT: And again the same thing on their own website
Guys i am interest in buying this but such headphones are widely faked all the time. Many of you bought them from amazon from total digital seller. the same seller is in ebay and sells the same headphones.. one item for 15.5 gbp and one item for 30gbp.. i sent him a message.. what do you...
Hey! Thanks! much appreciate your input.. Unfortunately i never tried the beta. Its a great all around iem and because of the sound signature and build quality its the perfect companion for daily use. I dont know how others find them but the M5 seem that are not designed for over the ear use..
First Thoughts   I received a couple of weeks ago a sample unit from mp4nation for me to review it,  black in color and without the retail box. I burned my M5 for around 60 hours in case you are interest and auditioned them quite a lot with either my Cowon J3 or my laptop (no special equipment). My laptop's sound card has more juice than the Cowon J3 but the M5 pretty sufficient and dont so any alternation as my vsonic gr07 does. They retail for $44.50 from...
  Maybe but from my experience in reading other peoples experience..Fewer people like earphones which have been described as recessed in any part of the Frequency range. Maybe its just me
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