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Thanks for your reply. I was having a difficult time trying to describe what it was I was hearing. I think 'wooley' is a good way to describe it. I wish the T50P had been around when I got the P5s.
They're going to send me a new pair and also a return shipping label. I'll let you know how the next set turns out. The customer service at Audioengine is ridiculously grand, though.
I have looked around on the forum, but please forgive me if I missed it: Does anyone have any considered impression for the T50P versus the P5? I own the P5, and I'm out of my two week window, but I could always return them. I find the P50 has a really scooped/compressed midrange that makes listening to music (indie rock, jazz, rap) really unpleasant. I have all good source material (V0 ripped from CD), and I listen from my iPhone. Some things sound enlightened on the P5,...
Yuck. I've tried plugging a source into both (either) inputs and the terrible (relatively) stuttering sound continues. It happens even with no source plugged in. If I power on the speakers, activate them by playing some sort of sound, and then unplug everything but the power cord and the cable connecting the speakers, I still hear it. I think I need to send them back. I'm really bummed.
I found that my Audioengine A5s (which I received last Tuesday, I think) have a brittle stuttering hum whenever they're powered on. Part of it is that I have pretty good hearing. I was just a few moments ago listening to a podcast through some Alessandro 1s (whatever the cheapest model is) in a silent room and I could make out the hum. It was very annoying. I switched on some music (a Tortoise album) and when the music is louder, I can't really make out the hum. But when...
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