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oh my god. i get this, too. these ear phones sound like crap and they shock you... so yeah. 
Hey guys let me just update you on this situation because I am positive I have it all figured out.   I thought that the problem with the speakers was my power, or that the speakers have a natural hum from the amp.    THIS IS NOT THE CASE   Let me repeat, this is not the case. I got home one night and turned on my speakers, and I was, like, immediately bowled over by the absence of a hum. No matter what volume I set them to, or what I plugged into them, there...
I just think you should start over. Give up and try again, you know?
I'm pretty new to audio stuff, but I can see myself heading down this rabbit hole.   I recently bought Audioengine A5 speakers, but I'm already kind of regretting getting them. They sound all right, but between the persistent hum and the overheat-to-shut-off move, I'm a little fed up. This site 6 Moons reviewed Mark and Daniel Ruby speakers, and they seem to love them.   As well, their review of the NuForce Icon...
As well I'll mentioned I wouldn't mind trading these for a pair of Grado 325is.
Oops, I should say that they're the black model. And I'd like $280 plus shipping (or best offer).
I purchased some Audioengine A5s, and I thought they buzzed too much. I ended up taking them to a friend's place, where they did not buzz at all. It was my power source.    Speakers were used for about a week. Aesthetically, they are perfect. I have all the original packaging, bags, cables, etc. Make me an offer?
The iPhone remote cord of my P5s wore out. I caught it on too many things walking around the city, basically. I emailed customer service, and they agreed to send one out to me ASAP, which was great. Great customer service! I just wanted to point out that if the headphones hadn't been under warranty, it appears that the replacement cord would have cost $50.68 or nearly 17% of the purchase price.   I'm a headphones newb (which is probably why I have the P5s in the...
UGH. I received a replacement set of speakers today, and they are slightly better than the first ones I received. I might look into buying a power conditioner, but I really don't want to spend another hundred bucks on anything related to my music setup. I found, honestly, the best solution was to stop angling the speakers toward myself and suffer a more limited soundstage. Now I don't notice the hum at low volumes.
Thanks for your reply. I was having a difficult time trying to describe what it was I was hearing. I think 'wooley' is a good way to describe it. I wish the T50P had been around when I got the P5s.
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