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Ok, I have just one more question for making my burgeoning desk music system.   I already own Audioengine A5, Grado MS1, and BW P5.   I thought I'd buy a NuForce Icon HDP because it can power my existing headphones and work as preamp for my A5. (Right? Then I'd get an amp, maybe a NuForce Icon, in order to upgrade my speakers to non-powered.   Does that make sense? Thanks a lot you guys know so much about this stuff.
I would like to buy a well-taken-care-of Icon HDB. I'm willing to buy, but I also have an extra pair of Audioengine A5 that I'd be willing to throw in as, say, $200 worth of value. 
  Wow thank you very much. That was such a simple, well-put description. That helps tons.
Just following up on this thread... (Funny, I spent the last two days looking for IEMs and now instead I'm gonna drop a grand on a desktop headphone rig instead.) I want the 650s. It seems like having an amp is required, so I should go buy some Schiit. But what is this uDac thing? Does that obviate the need for an amp? How exactly does a DAC work? My source is lose less or V0 mp3s from a MacBook. Does the DAC plug into the adio port? Or is it USB? Do I need some Schiit...
I only have the Sennheiser PX 200-II and Alessandro MS1 to compare them to, but the P5 do not sound great to me. They sound good, but not (from what I understand) $300 good.   And you know what, as good as the build and materials are, the cord is so crappy that I can't say that the build justifies the price either. I've had to replace the cord once, and I'm sure I'll have to again. At that point, the phones will be out of warranty, and the replacement will cost like...
You mean, let me get this straight, that the speakers won't pleasantly go above a moderate volume, even if they're driven with a high enough power amp?
Good luck. I'm thinking of just hooking these up to an AirPort or something and putting them in an out-of-the-way place where I won't notice nearfield buzzing. But they are really truly a sad product.
You guys have been just like extremely amazingly helpful. After spending (way way way) too much time looking at tons of threads, and this one, I think I'm going to wait for a time when the Shure SE535s are on sale. (They go at the low end for around $350?) I just really liked how my old pair worked, and they're customer service seems to be the best.
Hmm ok. I would like tight, deep bass, and I don't mind unforgiving representation because ny source is good. I noticed a lot of love for Monster brand earbuds? How's that possible?
 I've also noticed that the plastic coating on the wire is fraying off, so that may contribute to their shocking effect. Not fun!
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