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This place is like a cult. FWIW, I don't notice much (certainly not "$400's worth") difference between the MacBook Air's jack and using the MBA to USB Icon 2. I must need to spend more money.
Uh, I've gone through two cables over the course of owning them for less than a year. The cable is terrible, and a CS rep said it's a known issue with them; B&W's engineers or whatever have been advised to come up with something better.
Hey, if you could spare a moment, where do you order the Sony hybrids from?
Kanye's MBDTF has more than a few songs that sound terrible, sound-wise. (I happen to think the album is brilliant as an album and have written thousands and thousands of words on it, though.)
Considering they retail for about $350, I highly doubt you can get them for 100 Brazilian real; that's like sixty bucks.
I may be off base here, but I believe the best "rock headphone" is also the best headphone, and at your price, I think it's clearly the Sennheiser HD650. As long as your music is recorded well, they provide a fairly great soundstage, excellent instrument separation, and fill out the low end nicely. One thing I've noticed about them (I recently got them) is that they make drumming sound amazing. You can very clearly and distinctly hear everything the drummer in a rock...
That's like criticizing a carmaker for having a car that's been keyed on a car lot. It's not the P5's fault; the cord is easily removable, and the earpads are supposed to be held on magnetically.
When I have a pair of IE phones (fake Sennheiser IE 8s, Klipsch S4i, and UE 10s) connected to my NuForce Icon-2, I get this, like, beeping sound. But, you know, it continues in duration. It sounds like a beeping sound that just never ends. I would call it a hum or buzz, but that's not what it sounds like. You get the idea?   What's the deal with this noise? I don't have this problem hooking up full-sized headphones to the amp. What is it about IEs that...
I'm using the NuForce Icon-2 as a pre-amp for powered speakers, and it can also work as a power amp for reasonable-sized speakers.
Sorry, kind of a newb question: Is this DAC specially designed to work with a balanced amp, and will it only work with a balanced amp?
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