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I am looking for one of these amps in the color blue.
thanks for your help
Getting the molds redone.But I would still like to hear the differences between the jh16 amd ue-11.
Well my daughter is turning 11 in Jan and I have decided it is time to get her an ipod nano in purple. I am a stickler about good sound and want some phones that are purple that dont sound too bad. I know they in no way can compare to my customs in sound but I want it to sound better than the buds that come with the nano.
Can someone compare the ue-11 and the jh16
Can anyone help?
Well my ue-11 pro shell broke the other day. Unfortunately they are currently out of warranty so unfortunately I have to get them remolded or purchase an upgrade. I was looking at JH16 since Jerry invented the custom monitors including my ue-11 pro. What kind of sound difference should I expect if I go this route? I had a hearing aid place temp fix my ue's with some acrylic glue that hardens by uv light. They are functioning but cosmetically are atrocious and worried...
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