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This has probably already been covered, apologies. Could someone please point me to a comparison response graph, ETHER C vs ETHER C FLOW.   Thanks
Count me in. I am in the US.
Is there any difference between the Flow and non-Flow pads?
Has pricing for the upgrade program been announced?
Anything new on an upgrade program?
Anyone gotten any response to adding themselves to the upgrade list? I haven't gotten any confirmation, etc.
Would be nice to see a new Battle. A lot has come out since.
Anything new on an upgrade plan?
Ripped using DBPowerAmp to WAV, from my MFSL CD.
Just had the opportunity to compare the new Blue Oyster Cult Agents of Fortune from HDTracks, 96/24, with my old and unfortunately long out of print Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs CD version from 1998. The MFSL sounds better, and has a better dynamic range to boot. HDTracks seems to have no information on how their releases are mastered (I have asked on multiple occasions) and I have been pretty underwhelmed with the quality, at least with classic rock albums which is what I...
New Posts  All Forums: