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Yep, thanks for the correction 😊
My impression of the C Flow is the same as yours are of the C Open (which I haven't heard).  
I have found wipe on poly (in the gloss level of your choice) to be very easy to use and provides a great finish. I would tend to go up to at least 220 grit paper first, higher if you want gloss.
What differences did you observe over the DUM cable?
After a few hours listening, I am finding the same. I have no desire to reach for the black pads, which in and of itself is worth the cost of the upgrade. The low end is also considerably more authoritative.
Could well be defective. Of course everyone will have their own impressions, but I owned this sequence: Audeze LCD-XC -> Alpha Prime -> ETHER C -> ETHER C Flow and I felt each was an improvement over the previous 'phone, and the Flow only has a few hours on them. Many folks here said they have a break-in.
I don't buy it. Looking at a few high quality amps, I see no difference in specified noise between their balanced and unbalanced outputs, with SNR around -105dB. This is 9dB better than red book dynamic range. There is no way power supply ripple should be audible in any good amplifier design. Depending on your amplifier topology to compensate for poor supply design seems completely backwards to me, and considering how most balanced amps are constructed, unlikely to work in...
Got my C Flow upgrade.   What kinds of changes (if any) are folks seeing after break-in?
Good article. Basically you can create a good design with either topology, there is no inherent superiority to balanced.
Why?Different price points. I doubt if the used price of the LCD-3 dropped at all when the EL-8 came out. I see them going now for around 60% of new which sounds about right.
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