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ZMFs look VERY nice - I will recommend them to others, thanks
Anyone heard their new amp yet? I auditioned a pre-production prototype and it was very promising.
I am assuming that if I want to remove the headband, all I have to do is remove the small set screw in the square blocks at the ends. Is that correct?
Per the update they now provide technical support, but what that entails is not clear.If they don't provide a perfboard (which I doubt they do) it would be a real chore to make it as you would have to etch your own boards.
Possibly lucky. Some orders (how many?) were never fulfilled.Alpha Dogs is probably the closest product on the market now.
Have never used one so can't make a personal recommendation.  There are many references here: IMO the best solution is to roll your own. 4 resistors, a socket and a plug and you're done. Though some soldering experience is recommended.As to sound quality, there is as you can see tremendous debate. Can only decide for yourself. The nice thing about rolling your own is you can fully...
An easy fix for using IEMs with high powered amps with no sensitivity setting is to use a simple resistor L-PAD in series. Do that and you will never have hiss problems.
Doesn't help in this discussion as I don't see a thread on how to construct a Hifiman amp card. Are they expecting us to use their card format for the amp?If so we will need full physical specs for said card including maximum allowable dimensions.Also require power supply and input/output requirements.As it stands it seems as though they are requiring the contestants to reverse engineer their existing design.If that is indeed the case then I don't expect to see a lot of...
If it helps any, he went through huge life upheavals, essentially lost everything
This ship has sailed.Either buy a pair used (I recently sold mine) or get something else similar like the Alpha Dogs.
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