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Ripped using DBPowerAmp to WAV, from my MFSL CD.
Just had the opportunity to compare the new Blue Oyster Cult Agents of Fortune from HDTracks, 96/24, with my old and unfortunately long out of print Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs CD version from 1998. The MFSL sounds better, and has a better dynamic range to boot. HDTracks seems to have no information on how their releases are mastered (I have asked on multiple occasions) and I have been pretty underwhelmed with the quality, at least with classic rock albums which is what I...
Have been listening to these for awhile. Didn't notice any break-in changes after the first few hours. I am impressed. I was expecting little or no difference from my NOS 12AX7, but these NOS 5751s are noticeably smoother, to the point where before I was considering replacing my DAC, but am no longer interested in that, my existing DAC is performing so nicely. While this is a for profit site, I found this guide to be useful: http://www.audiotubes.com/12ax7.htm
Interested in the US tour
Was away for awhile, finally got a chance to try the new tubes. They are are 70s JAN, not one the absolute best, but well regarded. I imagine I will need some break-in, but first listen is promising.
Will do - ordered from a dealer in Hong Kong so will be awhile
Thanks. Ordered a pair of 5751.
I recently upgraded my JoLida tube DAC, went from the Mk 1 to Mk 3 version. I decided to do a little tube rolling. First went from the stock TungSol to (repro) Gold Lion. Was a significant improvement. Then for the heck of it, decided to try a NOS. Most NOS 12AX7 are silly expensive. I decided to try a pair of GE's, made in Japan. Liked them substantially better than the Gold Lions (and cheaper, even counting shipping from Canada). Looked around and found this post:...
I used to run mine with Pulse Xfi, and worked rather well, but I prefer my current Bryston. Had the chance to try out the Mojo at the recent Portland meet but didn't get around to it
I really liked the ZMF headphones. Definitely one of the best T50RP based headphone out there, and I used to own a 'phone in this category. Very well balanced and comfortable.   Appreciated getting to listen to the HE1000, always wanted to hear those.   Also got a kick out of getting another chance to hear the Denon D7000, on a vintage Hitachi no less. This has always been one of my favorite dynamic headphones.   Never had listened much to the high end Sennheisers...
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