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Mine were originally delivered with O2 pads, no adhesive used. Smeggy converted mine as the prototype for Audeze pads. He made the baffles a little larger, but he said the Audeze pads fit OK though a little looser with the O2 baffles. You may want to use double stick tape. Generally the larger pads reduce the bass a bit. If that is the case with your phones, you can just open the ports a little larger to compensate. This is really pretty easy stuff.Go to my profile page to...
I would recommend the LCD2 pads. Cheaper and much more durable. My pair had them and they fit just fine.
I have been patient thus far for my Xfi, but when I see shipping delay after delay, and I simultaneously see them continue to offer new products for backing, while ones in the pipeline are delayed, does not inspire confidence.
I used to own Maggies and while they are awesome, they are challenging to get working right in smaller rooms like I have now, especially with HT.Currently own Newform Research, and have no desire to upgrade.
Not talking about EQ. The COPs have adjustable bass response. There is a small slider on each cup. There are 4 positions. The phones ship in position 2. You have two more settings with more bass. Your owners manual has details on the sliders. They operate by changing the port area.
Did you try adjusting the bass response on the headphones? At maximum bass setting they have a very elevated bass response.
Didn't even notice that he had updated the MSRP on the IGG page, thanks. So my Xfi/LPS will MSRP for $4K.If we ever get a meet-up in Portland again, I can see how it compares to one of my personal favorites, the Bryston (assuming someone brings one).
Where again are all the new MSRPs for the various models? Can't find it on LH Labs
The AK120 II only puts out 240mw into the XC and Audeze recommends 1-4W for best sound. You would likely get more bang for the buck by adding a high powered amp like the iBasso PB2.
Anyone heard their new amp yet? I auditioned a pre-production prototype and it was very promising.
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