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Thanks. Ordered a pair of 5751.
I recently upgraded my JoLida tube DAC, went from the Mk 1 to Mk 3 version. I decided to do a little tube rolling. First went from the stock TungSol to (repro) Gold Lion. Was a significant improvement. Then for the heck of it, decided to try a NOS. Most NOS 12AX7 are silly expensive. I decided to try a pair of GE's, made in Japan. Liked them substantially better than the Gold Lions (and cheaper, even counting shipping from Canada). Looked around and found this post:...
I used to run mine with Pulse Xfi, and worked rather well, but I prefer my current Bryston. Had the chance to try out the Mojo at the recent Portland meet but didn't get around to it
I really liked the ZMF headphones. Definitely one of the best T50RP based headphone out there, and I used to own a 'phone in this category. Very well balanced and comfortable.   Appreciated getting to listen to the HE1000, always wanted to hear those.   Also got a kick out of getting another chance to hear the Denon D7000, on a vintage Hitachi no less. This has always been one of my favorite dynamic headphones.   Never had listened much to the high end Sennheisers...
Very much agree. Appreciate all the effort put into it.
Will there be plenty of chairs or should I bring one?
Will there be wifi available for streaming?
I have the version 1.5 DUM with soft left and right and stiff main trunk.   I don't suppose there is any way to get it 'upgraded' to full soft?
Yeah, I have a 4B-ST-THX which is coming up on 20 years old (might already be there), have never used the warranty.
After spending a couple of weeks with my new (to me) Bryston BHA-1, I can't get over just how good this amp drives the ETHER C. Imaging is amazing, sound is natural top to bottom, very smooth. If there is an issue with the sound, it exists in the recording. This has finally allowed me to achieve the same level of performance with headphones as I do with my home theater setup.   I suspect I am the only ETHER C owner who uses the Bryston, which is a shame. There is a good...
New Posts  All Forums: