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Anybody talk to Echo again?
Subject pretty much says it all. Is there anything in this category that could be used with both a laptop and a phone? What have people found out works well? Looking for a universal rather than a custom. Thanks in advance.
My hangers slip a little too easily on the headband rods, requiring regular readjustment. Anyone find a fix for this?
Subscribing. I stopped doing the Seattle meets because living in Hood River, that meant a whole weekend commitment. Meet in the middle seems like it would be doable as a day trip.
I would agree. It has been way too long since I have heard the LCD-2, one of my all time favorites, to be able to compare, but the AP definitely beats my former LCD-XC.Try Tocatta by Mannhein Steamroller or Steve Earle's Copperhead Road if anyone thinks the AP is bass shy :-).
Sold my LCD-XC due to the weight getting to me. Replaced them with the Alpha Primes and prefer the Primes sound. Folks probably already know that they are getting discontinued (and are on sale as a result).
I am thinking of replacing my LCD-XC with something lighter. The only possibilities I have come up with is the t5p and the edition 8. I can borrow the Beyers from Cable Company. Anyone come across an Ultrasone internet dealer with a similar program? No one local has them.
The latest from LHL is that they think it is a firmware issue, though if so, it is odd that it didn't affect my previous unit - maybe it had an earlier firmware release?We'll see if the new firmware fixes it.It is kind of an insidious problem, since I do get audio from both channels, I tend to not realize the issue is presenting itself until a familiar song comes on (I listen to Pandora primarily) and I notice that some of the music is missing.Of course I can use the...
I have had a rather odd issue with my Pulse Xfi and was wondering if anyone else has seen it. The left channel audio content will be outputted to both left and right channels (if you do a channel test, you will hear 'left' in both ears, and will never hear 'right'.)  Long reset (turn off for several seconds and then on) fixes it. I am also talking to support.
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