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Up for sale is my MrSpeakers Ether C Flow. They are in pristine condition. I've always kept them in the travel bag when not in use. I regret to sell it, but I have other hobbies too. I am out of a bike(frame is cracked). I have nothing against these headphones, but I have to let them go. They are the best sounding headphones that I've tried. So I will let it go for $1350 shipped(including insurance). They haven't been used much. I have 10 hours on them tops, just been...
Ether C Flow HE-500 DT880 600 Sine K401 MS2 SR325i K's earphone 500 SR225i
My current setup
Been listening to my C Flow this whole week paired with my V280, and all I can say is that I am blown away by this pairing. These are the most versatile pair of headphones I've had as they sound great on any genre I throw at them.
Maybe the Fostex TH-610? These are in the $500 range.
Wow. Take my money already, Chord!
Loved the DT880 600ohm when I had it. I miss it now... Maybe someday, I can get it again and ejoyed it. Detail retrieval was phenomenal on those. Great for any genre IMO
He-500 was great with Rock.. I was dumb to buy it as I knew it was out of my budget therefore I'm going to have to sell it again. Not trading for anything. I bought it almost two weeks ago from the above link. Gonna save the money for later purchases. Only accept paypal and the price will be $650+ fees... It works well! Great pairing with the HE-500 Or best offer Thanks for your interest John
I have a burson HA-160D I'm selling soon for $670+fees(shipping included)Worked really well with the HE-500 I paired with but it's too expensive so I returned it.
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