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Loved the DT880 600ohm when I had it. I miss it now... Maybe someday, I can get it again and ejoyed it. Detail retrieval was phenomenal on those. Great for any genre IMO
He-500 was great with Rock..
http://www.head-fi.org/t/655042/amps-burson-ha160-d-schiit-lyr-alo-rxmk3-b-and-cute-beyond I was dumb to buy it as I knew it was out of my budget therefore I'm going to have to sell it again. Not trading for anything. I bought it almost two weeks ago from the above link. Gonna save the money for later purchases. Only accept paypal and the price will be $650+ fees... It works well! Great pairing with the HE-500 Or best offer Thanks for your interest John
I have a burson HA-160D I'm selling soon for $670+fees(shipping included)Worked really well with the HE-500 I paired with but it's too expensive so I returned it.
Anyone wants the Burson HA-160D for cheap? I think I'm going to sell mine. Sounds great with the HE-500 but the HE-500 sound signature is not to my liking. Returned the HE-500 and now I'm back to square one.
Should move to Germany or Belgium then..
I hate you sir for having KBS. Maybe you're too used to the thickness of the BCBS since the KBS would be rather thin(Lower alcohol)
The cable is really microphonic! It's annoying sometimes. I've never experienced this before.
Received my HE-500. Impressive sound without the amp but could not get it loud enough . Getting my Burson HA-160D hopefully this week
I know. But one of them I'm purposefully aging
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