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Haha the green cover is for my Nook, I just put it on there because basically EVERYTHING on my desk is black. I don't think I'm gonna worry about painting it. I definitely could, but I don't have the ambition haha. I think the white and black looks pretty decent. Good enough at the very least.
Well the finished product turned out nicely! I filled in that ugly hole, sanded it down a bit better. It developed two small marks up at the top near the middle, where the plastic must be a bit weaker, where the clip was, but it almost looks like eyes so I kept it. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I think I may purchase a second one for my car, with the clip this time. But there you have it. I shall call it "Xanimals Clip+ Clip Delete Mod"
Well unfortunately after about 3 days of owning the clip+, the clip broke off.. In my pocket. I never planned on using it, but it looked pretty gnarly being snapped off. SO I did what any reasonable head-fier would do. MOD TIME!   It's still a work in progress, I have to fill up that long gap between the body and the internals, because it's gross looking, and get some higher grit sand paper to polish it up a bit, but I was pretty pleased with how it's turned out so...
Dollar for dollar, the iPod doesn't seem to compare in my opinion, nor does it hold nearly as many albums, and rockboxed, the Clip+ seems to be much more capable than the iPod. Definitely a YMMV deal though. I needed a PMP solely for music, not apps or anything, and the sound of the Clip+ is much more ideal for me. The iPod sounds a bit warmer than neutral, and the clip+ a little bright to me.
Hey everybody! I just upgraded from an iPod Touch 4th generation 8gb to my new Clip+ 4gb with a 32gb sd card! I rockboxed it right away, since my collection is mostly ALAC and AAC, but I'm loving it. It definitely blows the iPod out of the water. I'm using it mostly with my super modded sr60i and my HiFiMan RE-Zero IEMS, which I think it sounds great with.   For $70 shipped two day with a SanDisk 32gb class 10 Micro SD, I think it was a steal! Thanks for the...
Well it's been a few months. I'm proud to say, I've still been drinking the AKG Koolaid and still loving the q701's. They are FANTASTIC. Everything I ever dreamed of. Now I'm considering the t50rp's to have a good can that's closed. I'll mod them up quite a bit haha.
I like Spotify better in terms of layout and user friendliness and MOG better in terms of sound quality.
These beasts have barely come off my ears since I got them. It's a miracle I don't take them on dates and to work! They sound so fantastic! I'm sooo happy
Thanks! Bleh I'm getting impatient. They shipped from Denver on the 25th and still haven't arrived in Salt Lake. It's been 48 hours and it's an 8 hour drive! Arggggh haha. Well maybe tomorrow!   Edit: Just checked! They've arrived in SLC! I'll be getting them tomorrow! AHHHH
I'm so excited! I got my e10 today and ran my ad700's through them with bass boost on and they sound so much better with the amp. It warms them up a bit and makes them less airy with more pronounced bass from the bass boost. If my ad700's can sound this good I can only imagine how good the q701's will sound. I'm not a major basshead, I just like it to be there, so with bass boost I'm sure I'll be more than content, even if it reduces quality a minor bit, I don't care....
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