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What about the D-Jays? They seem to be almost on par with Phonaks (but cheaper, if you order online) with a balanced sound. They can be worn both over the ear and conventionally.
So, if the Phonaks are out, what would be a comparable IEM? I've been contemplating the Etymotics ER6i and the d-Jays. Anyone tried any of these and can compare them to the PFEs?
Ok, I take it that you have actually tried it? I see what you mean by looking at them though, but I was thinking you could get around that by switching ears, for instance (i.e. putting the left phone in the right ear and vice-versa).
  Because I want the very compact remote/mic on the iPhone cable. Much more discrete/better looking than anything from any headphone manufacturer, while also offering more functionality. However, my reasons for doing that is not the point of this thread, so I hope that it will not turn into a cable discussion 
I'm about to get a new pair of IEMs and am leaning towards the Audeo PFEs (because of their apparently balanced sound, style and easy access for cable replacements). However, I plan to replace the cables with the cables from an iPhone so it's more or less a must that you can wear them in the "normal" style, with cables hanging down straight down and not looping around/over the ear. Those of you with Audeo PFE, can you try this out for me?   Since I plan to change...
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