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I would be very careful of buying anything from Fujiya-Avic unless you are in Japan or have someone who can act on behave of you there. In my experience they are not responsive of communication from outside of Japan, so mileage might vary for things like warranty.
This unit is about 7 months old but not used much. Originally was planning to use it as my portable rig, but have since upgraded my portable player. Purchased locally in Australia, come with all original accessory and packaging.
PSA. Do not update to, especially if you use CUE files. On my unit that version seem to fail at reading CUE files, and in one case it even causes the unit to lock up requiring a hard reset. I have since downgraded to, which work correctly for the same files.
Stax can have dust problem as well. I have a new pair of L700 which lasted for less than a month before it started buzzing, and ultimately developed into volume imbalance. It is currently in Japan for repair.With electronics it is sometime luck of the draw.
No I mean the ability to drive a USB DAC like mojo.
Is USB transport going to be included in the next firmware?
No what they are saying is: It is a hardware problem, we cannot fix it, don't use WiFi even though it is advertised as a system that can stream. Sound like insufficient hardware testing and a rush product to me. Pretty it does sound quite good, but the hardware and software are somewhat lacking.
This is interesting. I had similar issues with AK-120 II. As soon as the WiFi system was doing anything, I could hear a faint clicking sound in the earphones. That was the reason I returned my unit. My guess at the time was insufficient isolation or something like that, sounds like this is probably the case here as well.
I think you need to download the Poweramp unlocker app
Can you give a rough timeframe?
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