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Can anyone tell me what connector is used for the cable on the headphones side in a Z1R. Got one of these incoming and want to run it balanced. Just can't seem to work out the cable I need. Is the connectors the same as those in the HE1000? Thanks.
How big is your card? I think what you did is put everything in your card in a queue to play. If you got a lot of files, I would imagine the processing time will not be small. Especially if the player have to read them all to queue them up.
Not sure, but that was the problems I had. By the way lotoo website is back
Which version of firmware are you running? I had a lot of trouble with 5.1.10, like freeze, crash and inability to read cue properly. I found 5.1.9 to be much more stable.
I am simply making the observation that as a player 5000 is not able to supply enough power to drive some headphones to sufficient volume, where as the LPG can. This and the difference in sound quality ultimate make me chose the LPG, as I want a portable player which can at least make a decent attempt at driving more demanding full size headphones as well as IEM.
 I also played with a 5000 before the LPG. The main difference I found was the LPG got a lot more power. For IEM and headphones like Grado it probably doesn't matter as much, but for others I struggle to get the volume up. I don't listen to things loud, generally with something like RS1 I can get away with 30 - 40 ish on low gain, I am wondering how high you need to push the 5000 to get reasonable volume.
I would be very careful of buying anything from Fujiya-Avic unless you are in Japan or have someone who can act on behave of you there. In my experience they are not responsive of communication from outside of Japan, so mileage might vary for things like warranty.
This unit is about 7 months old but not used much. Originally was planning to use it as my portable rig, but have since upgraded my portable player. Purchased locally in Australia, come with all original accessory and packaging.
PSA. Do not update to, especially if you use CUE files. On my unit that version seem to fail at reading CUE files, and in one case it even causes the unit to lock up requiring a hard reset. I have since downgraded to, which work correctly for the same files.
Stax can have dust problem as well. I have a new pair of L700 which lasted for less than a month before it started buzzing, and ultimately developed into volume imbalance. It is currently in Japan for repair.With electronics it is sometime luck of the draw.
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