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Something like this:   Should also work.
Please contact me if you have got one for sell.   Thanks.
If you have any you want to sell, please contact me. Must be able to ship to Australia.
You have not heard how Stax do serial number on their product have you? Apparently they are complete random, which make dating the headphones a complete pain in the a....
If you want to know what a top of the line Stax setup sounds like, go to HiFi Trader. They have a SR-009 with BHSE on demo.
I don't believe any of Stax stuff use regulated power supply, but it probably won't hurt if you use one.
You can use any appropriately rated wall wart, but you might have to reverse polarity of the output. You can do that by either rewiring it yourself, or buy on that have output plug which allows you to do that.
Some more photos to help with identification, again any help will be appreciated:    
 Thank you for all the responses so far. I think you hit the nail on the head, the unit is a old 225 and there are discolor in the driver which makes it hard to determine if it is pink driver. However, the unit itself is in remarkable good condition otherwise. The head band is still in very good condition and does not looks like there are extensive wear on that. Are there any other distinguishing feature that would give me a hint of what driver is installed? I will post...
Hi all of the Grado experts on this board, I would like to consult you guys on which version of SR225 I got.   I have recently bought a set of SR225, the colour of the driver seem a bit strange to me. It look almost brown with a bit of pink, and it doesn't look white like the normal drivers. The two cables leading to the driver are fairly stiff compared to the PS1000, and almost feel like they will stay in place when bended. It does not come with original...
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