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Do anyone know if the head band assembly of a SR Sigma is identical to a SR-Lambda?
Do you want to buy new items? Otherwise a good condition SRM-1-MKII and something like a Lambda Pro is worth considering.
All the talk of Stax headphones' fragility aside. There are still a lot of older Stax headphones kicking around (Lambda, LP, LS, LNS, etc), and most of them are 20 - 30 years old. I think you treat them right these headphones can last for a long time.
Dust in electronics increases the risk of short circuit and arcing. It also reduces the heat dissipation ability of components, increasing the temperature of them, which shortent the life span of the system.   Dust in driver of electrostatic headphones is reportedly the cause of distortion and the so called "squealing" sound.
Humidity is probably not a major problem, Japan itself can get very humid during summer. If it get too wet during use, such if the hair of the user is wet, then there is a higher risk of shorting or arcing. Otherwise it should be a problem.
Dust is not good for electronics in general, if you can aviod excessive dust it would be better for the driver.Just use cloth to cover it up when not in use, it should keep most dust off.
You are better off returning it. There is no guarantee that you problem won't come back, even if you can fix it this time. Having said that, I found storing the headphones in a plastic bag with desiccant for a few months seem to have help cure the issue I have with my SR-X MK-III.
Can some one explain to me what 'etch' mean in this context?   I have had the LS for sometime. I found that while there is some emphasis on treble, it is quite manageable. Unlike headphones like Grado and the ATH-AD900 which is too sharp for my liking.
The 6 pins extension cable popup on Ebay every once in a while for about $50-60 USD.
Absolute waste of time. If we are all robot and is designing audio system which require absolute precision there might be some merrit to this paper, otherwise what is the point of all this metrics. Also it is implying these so call imperfection are undesirable. Said who? Ultimately this is a very subjective hobby, and we all have different level of hearding and taste, that can make the so call imperfection much more desirable to a large number people. These systems are...
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