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Throwing money at the screen does nothing :(
Thanks for the info! I wish I could use that new cable for my 18s. Too bad they aren't compatible with older custom models. I talked to an intern at UE a month or so ago, and they said that their new cables are slightly more durable than their previous model. 
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I own a pair, and they are by far the cleanest universal IEMs I've ever owned. The bass isn't as punchy as I'd like, but the mids and highs are amazingly clear.
Brand New - Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't
1) Norma Jean - Meridional 2) As I Lay Dying - The Powerless Rise 3) Eminem - Recovery 4) Streetlight Manifesto - 99 Songs of Revolution: Volume I   That's what I've heard that's out so far. I look forward to the new Underoath and Kanye West
I need this new cable.
In hindsight, my "more expensive the amp, better sound" doesn't really make much sense haha. Thanks for the info about the UE 18s. I think that I will get both the Fiio E7 (home use) and the E5 (on the go). Thanks for the input, everyone!
It's only common sense that the more expensive the amp, the better the sound will be. I'm new to buying amps, and I was actually looking at the Fiio E5. I'm looking for something that's really portable. My current sources right now are my iPod Nano 4G and my laptop. I'm looking for a PCI sound card as well, but I digress.
I'm new around here, and I was wondering what would be a good portable amp for a pair of UE 18 Pros? I've got a budget of $100, if that helps.
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