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Finally ordered the XB500's.  They were out of stock at Sony Rewards for awhile.  I hear they require some EQ'ing to sound really good.  Any tips on the settings to use?  My Sony X has the following EQ setup:   5-band:  0.4, 1.0, 2.5, 6.3, 16 kHz   each band: -3, -2 -1, 0, 1, 2, 3   clear bass:  0, 1, 2, 3   I guess the bass will be simple enough to tweak myself.  What about the mids and highs?  Any suggestions?
Despite having zero interest in buying or selling anything on here, I was just curious as to what the big deal was.  The attitudes seemed to make selling for a profit out to be a horrible, evil sin or something.  So I asked for a clarification, since a profitable sale could be beneficial to consumers buying headphones.  Then I got my answer, and it's typical greed.  No surprise.  It makes sense.  Just don't be a hypocrite about it.
The last time I made a mistake, I threw away a receipt for a product that I had zero worries about, but ended up going bad.  Tried to have it taken care of, but the business said to screw off if I don't have a receipt.  Funny how that works.  World of business =/= world of morals and ethics, just as shown by the fact that your site doesn't allow sales for profit, even if it's better for head-fi members purchasing it.    
I understand every part of it.  But I get the picture.  It's a greed thing.  You getting paid by "sellers" is more important than the good of the users in the forum.  I understand now.  Thanks for clearing it up to me.  And if I'm right, this post will probably be deleted.  LOL! 
I read them before I made my post.  That's my point.  I don't understand the principle against a consumer making a profit off of a deal they took advantage of VS giving hi-fi members a great deal on a quality headphone.  For example:   1)  hi-fi member purchases $150 headphone and uses it for awhile.....decides to get something different........sells headphone on here for $100   2)  hi-fi member receives same headphone as a gift for free.......tries it out, but...
Just a casual passer-by.......I didn't purchase any of these, nor would I have any interest in buying or selling any of them, but this seems a little over-the-top.  What would be so horrible if someone who had purchased some of these for $11, and offered them on here for say........$60?  That would be an incredible deal for hi-fi members.  What is the downside of that?  How would anyone know the difference in someone selling this headphone slightly used for $100,...
Thanks for the info.  I measured a can and it's right at 2".  Then I measured my ear, which is about 2.5".  I guess they'll be oversized on-ear 'phones for me.  Hopefully the acclaimed comfort of them makes that problem minor. 
Anyone else have their pair handy to where they could measure it for me?
If it's not too much trouble, could an XB500 owner measure the diameter of the ear openings?  Just curious as to whether they would qualify as being over-the-ear or partially on-the-ear for me.  I was actually under the impression they were super-sized on-the-ear 'phones at first. 
Sounds like I prefer the XB500 over the 212 in everything except for the sound isolation, which isn't a huge deal, just a luxury.  I also have Monster Turbine Pro Gold's, so I can use those if portability and/or sound isolation are required.  I would just still prefer to avoid anything too bulky.  I am looking into some gaming phones as well.  I think I've got that narrowed down to the Turtle Beach PX21 and the DSS surround sound mixer.  Need the mic with it as well. ...
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