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I wish I could just pretend to know how to read that graph but I am not going to :) From my experience I think both SR225 and HD650 have different kinds of bass qualities. SR225 (after a good burn-in) have a really sweet, punchy and a controlled bass but it's not really deep and plus you're so taken in with the sweet midrange that unless you are a basshead, you don't mind their bass quantity or quality at all. HD650 ... hmmm I don't find them quite bassy like some Audio...
I have a pair of SR225i and I use them whenever I listen to fast pace rock/metal. HD650 and SR225 are completely different phones. I wouldn't call one better than the other. They are good with different musics and purposes. That's why I keep them both to use with different types of music. One thing to add though, occasionally I can listen to rock with Senns but I have never liked listening to classical music with my Grados. Sometimes you just miss having a wider...
Didn't you say you just got them? I don't mean to sound arrogant by any means but you probably know that HD650 do need a long burn-in period? If I were to judge each of my cans on the basis of how they sounded when I just got them, they'd all be returned in their second week. I bought my HD650 used and I didn't like them at first but I kept listening to them and now they have either reached that point or something that they sound much different (you can call it...
Could you please elaborate on that more ? 
Absolutely agree! I read all the posts in this thread and Jan's honesty, all of his efforts to communicate clearly, willingness to solve any issues and his outstanding customer service are worth mentioning. He has replied all of my emails within 10 minutes! That's just amazing. Despite some of the bad vibes in this thread, I am looking forward to purchasing products from Jan (hopefully a Symphony)   
I know this has probably been discussed in the Amp Recommendations for Audeze LCD-2 forum but any thread related to LCD-2s is really long and it is quite tedious to find the information there    So my question is for those who own LCD-2 and Symphony at the same time and whether they like the combo or not...    Thanks in advance... 
I am mainly using my Grados with M-Stage and I love how they sound together. Although I usually use my HD650s with my tube amp, I am very much pleased with their synergy with Matrix too. Unfortunately I haven't owned both Asgard and Matrix at the same time to do any comparison, but I am quite happy with my Matrix for both my Grado SR225is and Senn HD650 
My Matrix M-Stage pairs well with SR225i! It costs only 270 bucks including shipping from China. I think it's a good entry level amp before upgrading to something like Concerto 
Sold to Wulf817! 
Absolutely agree! 
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