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Since I've gotten my D7000s, my HD650 are not getting much head time 
So I got my D7000s last week, though I haven't had enough time to spend with them, I quite like how they sound right out of the box. When I had Audio Technicas and DT770s, they truly sounded like closed cans but somehow D7000 give me a bit different experience than those two. In terms of soundstage, bass and midrange quality, I think D7000 is way better.    I know most people like them with SS amps but when I was experimenting, I realized that my Little Dot tube amp...
I bet they are! All the raving reviews and impressions point to that direction which means that I'll definitely purchase them at some point eventually. But if I had bought them now, I would've been thinking about what would it have been like to listen to the D7000. So I hope I didn't make a bad decision 
Finally, after long hours of reading and trying to decide between RS1i vs. LCD-2 and D7000, I went with the Denons from J&R. Not that I think they are better than the other two. I wish the folks at Audeze had more peeps to help with their emails and products, I just couldn't wait for another month or so to get a response. I hope D7000 will give me a different experience than with my cans at the moment (SR225i and HD650). 
We have totally hijacked this thread ha
Too boring? Wow... I mean... Wow... May the ghost of Bach, Albinoni and Telemann haunt you for the rest of your life for saying that :P   
I don't think it does. All I got in the package was the amp and a power cord! You may have to contact the guy, coolfungadget on ebay, I am sure he'll help you in answering that question. 
I never liked my HD555s and returned them. HD650 is another option but there's a huge difference between them and 555, and if you're not going to get a good amp, getting the 650s alone is a bad idea. My advice would be looking at some other cans that are easy to drive, like Audio Technicas or some low impedance selections of Beyerdynamics 
I would assume so but I can't speak for PS-1000 or GS1000i. There may be others who have tried other Grados that can give you a more detailed answer than me on electronic music. 
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