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Same here. Sent 4 emails and all I needed to hear "Yes, your phones are being made at the moment". This is not to attack the company or anything but I hope they'll get more people to work on responding emails. One only wishes Jan Meier's customer service and his quick and detailed responses to every single inquiry
Please close your thread not by putting the SOLD notification inside the thread but in the title so that people won't waste time clicking on a closed thread 
Sale is pending! 
Subscribed. This could end the endless search for amps for a while and let the wallet breathe a bit 
Up for sale my beloved Grado SR225i. I am their first owner and they were purchased late August 2010. They are nicely burned in but not more than 150-200 hours on them. They come with the original Grado pizza box and the Grado 1/4 to 1/8 adapter.    I am considering $150 plus shipping. CONUS and Paypal only.    Thanks for looking!    PS: Please note that this is not a For Trade thread. I am not interested in any trades at the moment. Only cash! Thank you 
I am selling my Sennheiser HD650 to fund other purchases. I am their second owner and they were first purchased online around 6 months ago. Here's the original thread :   They are fantastic cans but after having done some upgrades, they are not getting listened to as much. I am considering $250 plus shipping. I only accept Paypal and if you choose not to pay as a gift, please add % 3 as...
Since I've gotten my D7000s, my HD650 are not getting much head time 
So I got my D7000s last week, though I haven't had enough time to spend with them, I quite like how they sound right out of the box. When I had Audio Technicas and DT770s, they truly sounded like closed cans but somehow D7000 give me a bit different experience than those two. In terms of soundstage, bass and midrange quality, I think D7000 is way better.    I know most people like them with SS amps but when I was experimenting, I realized that my Little Dot tube amp...
I bet they are! All the raving reviews and impressions point to that direction which means that I'll definitely purchase them at some point eventually. But if I had bought them now, I would've been thinking about what would it have been like to listen to the D7000. So I hope I didn't make a bad decision 
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