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Although I perceive notable differences after burning headphones in, no headphone will turn into an "awesome" phone from a "trashy" one after burn-in. To me, it seems like we're hoping too much from that burn-in process. What matters is the sound signature and that will not change, no matter how much burn-in applied on a particular phone. I don't think a phone should require a 1000 hour burn-in process. If after the, say, 100 hours, you still don't like the K701s, I...
I am now listening to D7000 with M-Stage and loving the combo. They have the best bass I've ever heard in a full size can. Not boomy, bloated or anything of that sort. Actually, I am now listening to Victor Wooten and D7000 are giving me a pleasure with this album I've never had with any other headphone. 
I am using my new K 701s with M-Stage for about a week now. I switched from HD650 to AKGs. I am sure Senn boys will tell me that I've made a mistake but so far I am really enjoying the classical and jazz I've listened to with K 701s. I've tried them with progressive rock and other genres like that and preferred my AH-D7000. From the first day, they have never blown me away but the more I listen to them, the more I get used to them. First of all, their soundstage is...
1) HD800 2)Audez'e LCD-2 3) AKG K 701  4) Grado RS-1i  5) Denon AH-D7000
Well if we approach everything like that, this forum would be meaningless. We're just sharing our opinions and in the final analysis confirm the saying that "we all hear differently". There are,  I am sure, many factors which make or do not make HD650s dull or boring, we haven't discussed them yet either. However, I've done lots of reading before I bought my pair and you're the only person I've encountered who finds them too bright. Granted we all have different tastes...
I've owned Grados, Sennheiser HD555 and HD 650, but sold all of them. Now I have Denon D7000 and K 701. I am trying to get used to the sound signature of K 701 and will decide later if I want to keep it or not. But one thing about the HD650... They are just... dull and boring... No one should say they are neutral because they are certainly not... Grados are too bright for my taste, that's for sure and as I am listening to Bach's Cantatas through K 701 right now, I can...
I bought mine from ebay from the seller service-and-sales for $258. Cheaper than amazon and they were delivered in 2 days. Very fast   
Wrong forum mate! This is "Amplification for Sale/Trade". You might want to move it to the headphones section :)
Well I hope you like the combo. Please post your impressions, what you like and what you don't like about it. Also when you find out which gain settings you like the best with K 701, please do let us know. Do you have other amps or other tube amps that you can compare it with? 
All pms replied to! Still up for grabs 
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