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Up for sale is in mint condition iPad Mini 64Gb (Black). Comes in its original box with all accessories including the lighting to 30 pin adapter. A red smart cover is also included. Will post pics later. 
I've had both the first batch (the one with the balanced output problem) and the new one I have never had any of the problems you guys have mentioned here so far. 
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Ehh.. What's really the point of this? We know you like Heir Audio and all that but oftentimes fandom blinds the perception. I've had absolutely stellar customer service with my current CIEMS company. Last week one of the cable pins got broke and left in the sockets, this company not only repaired them in 3 days for free, they also paid for all shipping costs. 
It's fiiiiineee :) Geez :)    Well, you're always more than welcome to try it with your monitors. Just send me a text message and I'll bring it over :) 
To try something else. Otherwise I am quite happy with it at the moment. 
Though I've never heard the X-Sabre that's quite a praise for Concero :) When I listened to it at Nick's house for some reason I had to turn my Stax amp's volume all the way up to get good sound with Concero. So my PS Audio NuWave DAC seemed like a winner there but I'd like to hear this Concero one more time.. Oh and the X-Sabre too. 
The problem here is not the wait or turn around time, it's the disrespect shown to customers. If Robert had told his customers that the wait will be X amount of weeks no matter how long that is, we would be fine with it. But inconsistent reports, sometimes wrong information and sometimes no communication at all are what make us mad. So please those who want to defend Robert should stop saying that it's worth the wait. I agree it is. It's a fine amp but this does not mean...
People   Please.... STOP... quoting...the... pictures.... 
There are literally hundreds and hundreds of portable amps that are tailored for balanced armature iems, why are you guys talking about Schiit amps that are designed to drive full size cans? Just because you can doesn't mean that you should. 
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