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He already sold his HE-500 if I'm not mistaken. I liked them quite a bit when I had them. 
I swear I knew you were going to chime in on this :) I literally laughed out loud. The only dynamic that impressed me with its soundstage was the HD800 but my 404LE's soundstage is quite good and I enjoy them immensely with classical and jazz. I don't listen to electronica, in fact, I only listen to two right now: Phutureprimitive and Easily Embarassed and when it comes to delivering that bass I think my Stax do a better job than the HD800. In terms of impact like LCD-2...
For those genres ditch both the HD800 and T1 and get a Stax system, you'll be quite satisfied :) 
Get an ODAC. It is seriously good and incredibly cheap for its performance. 
When I sent mine back for the balanced output issue, he sent me a brand new one with extra cables. He is a great guy to deal with. Truly a top-notch customer service. 
Just placed my order for a pair of 8A. Now waiting for a response from Sunny and then the wait begins.. :) 
I had the HP-P1 and I'm pretty certain that the SOLO is much thinner, in terms of length it's, I think, either smaller or barely the same size but I'm not 100% on the length since I don't have the HP-P1 anymore. Sound-wise the CLAS is way better than the Fostex. 
You're welcome to purchase it from Apple then...   That price is without taxes and it doesn't include the lighting adapter to use it with the old cable (for iDevice DACs like CLAS, and HP-P1) that is $39 and neither it includes the Smart Cover which is $39 plus tax. 
ALO The National, RSA Tomahawk, Headstage Arrow 4G
I am pretty sure they are 
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