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Why not? After all, he's from Mars. 
Those are three completely different things in terms of performance and functionality. Investing in a good DAP (Ibasso DX100, Colorfly C4 or Sony Walkmans) would be the best way to go if you're concerned about portability. 
All who were involved in the discussion, including the wizard. I simply didn't know about the non transferrable policy of other companies. It's something I haven't experienced and apparently their customer service accommodated me and did something different than what their policies say. I apologize from everyone if I have offended, misguided or misinformed.
I don't remember saying anything about claiming warranty without a receipt. In both cases, they were sold by me and the problems developed later. As they were under warranty, the people who bought them from me asked me to send them a digital copy of the receipt. After that, they got their problems fixed, in which case a second owner of a product ended up taking advantage of the warranty.    It's funny that I am being lectured here against my own testimony but again...
I salute you with respect! 
Shure and Westone? I had a similar situation like the one we're discussing, and they repaired the pair with no questions asked. First one was a Westone UM3X and the other one was Shure 215 Why did they do that? Because they didn't have a non-transferrable warranty policy. Please do your research before commenting. 
Yes I am aware of that, I've studied law :)    Like I said, I think, meiaen should contact the person and deal with him directly since Heir's policy on this is a non-transferrable one. I've just never heard of or experienced anything like this with my purchases from other companies. "How many owners has the product had?" is a question that I have never heard of but it makes sense from Heir's perspective as it is their policy. Also a non-transferrable warranty and the...
With all due respect doctor, this doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Warranty should still be in effect even if the item has changed 75 owners. When I send products back for defects, I've never been asked whether I am the first owner or not. And in this case, the problem had nothing to do with customer use but manufacturing defect.    Meiaen, if I were you I'd return the iems to the guy who sold them to you (if he hadn't warned you about that size difference in advance)...
Glad to hear you're enjoying them. Switching from the Quads I wasn't too sure if I liked the V6 or not but now that I have spent at least more than 4-5 months with them, their clarity, soundstage and separation grew on me. For the price, they're quite a steal. 
Would you please comment more on that change? For quite some time I have been interested in W4S DAC1. Do you like the Icon better? 
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