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Anyone's shipment "Held in Warehouse" in KY? What does that even mean? 
I've seen many "ok" condition LE's go for $600 around here. Considering the mint condition of the pair , I don't think I'm being too unreasonable with the price. 
I have one question for StageDAC owners. When used with a laptop or a desktop (Mac), is it possible to have the volume control from the computer or once it's plugged in, the DAC takes over the entire volume business?    I'm asking this because I have a slight hearing imbalance and I'd love to be able to control the output volume and tilt it to fit my hearing before the signal is fed to my amp. I hope this makes sense. I am able to do this with my little ODAC but not...
Not entirely sure whether I want to part with them but I'm up for a change. So here's an interest check.    404LE's condition: 9.5/10   SRM-313's condition: 9/10    If bought separately: 404LE : $700 , SRM-313: $300    NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. ONLY CONUS 
You get an email with the shipping information and the tracking number. They create the number before they actually ship them out. So you know exactly when they are arriving at your door. 
I have a question for the North American customers. When the UPS guy delivered your phones, what kind of method of payment did he/she require for the custom fees? Cash? Debit? Check? I'd rather pay with my debit card if it is possible at all.    Thanks in advance. 
My pair... The buckeye burl really comes out different in different pairs.         
You should open a separate classified in the cables section for this. It's a bit annoying to click on this ad only to scroll down and find out that the actual product is not even available. 
^ Correct. 
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