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I tried it with USB on my Mac and although it shows the bar, when I move it right to left no changes are being made.    And I don't know how you can change to balance with coax and optical? On your computer? I don't have an optical out and am using MFace (USB to Coax converter) and with that it doesn't give me the option to balance left/right. So no luck so far. 
Is anyone using Power Amp app with their DX100? I am thinking about purchasing the DX100 again but I need to be able to fiddle with the R/L volume controls as my hearing is not perfectly balanced. I was able to tilt it toward left with my Samsung Galaxy SIII so I am wondering if the same app can be used with the DX100. Or if you guys have other app recommendations that can do what I need, I'd greatly appreciate it.    Also I haven't followed this thread for a long...
Quoting from the previous classified   The amp is wired for 100V Japanese voltage, so it will come with a 100-117v step-up transformer, for US operation. Everything is in superb condition, except for a few scuffs on the headband and the foam in the cups has deteriorated, as it tends to. Comes in the original packaging, everything included. The technical aspects of this duo—in terms of speed, detail, transparency, decay, ambience, etc.—are hallmarks of Stax and cannot...
Assuming that you wouldn't low-ball me, I'll see what I can do if you really want to buy them. 
Just saw this thread. I don't know what I will be bringing to the meet. From time to time I think about getting out of this headphone world and spend some time with a near field monitor setup. Who knows... I am currently looking at some Adams and Airmotivs.    I just put my Stax system up for sale. I have been thinking about getting a tube amp and a pair of HD800. So that might be my set up which is not really good news for most of you guys who are going to be there....
Both the Earspeakers and the amp are in great condition. Also included in the package is the Stax Protective Cover to protect your earspeakers from dust and other materials.   Shipping is included in the price but not PayPal fees (unless sent as a gift).    I'd like to sell them together but if you want to buy one of them separately   404LE: $600    SRM-313: $300   I'll post pics up soon. 
Today the UPS tracking page said that my package should arrive by 10:30 am. So I sat down by the window with a book and waited for this mail apostle to deliver the good news. But he showed up at 5:30 pm :)    I finally got my 8As. I've been listening to them for the last 20 minutes or so with different sources. My one sentence impression: I know I am supposed to be working on something tonight but I don't really remember what now. 
^^ Those 701s... One of the most handsome headphones out there..
I'd recommend Cypher Labs Algoryhthm Solo over HP-P1. 
Just got it out of its box to test it. And it's going back to the original packaging now. Absolutely brand new.    I'll be paying for the shipping with USPS Priority (2 days) within the US. 
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