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Would you like to come slap me as well? What's with this condescension? 
Really interested in this but I am in the dark about the ports for these. The whole point of having a custom iem is to have near to perfect isolation and not make people mad in public with sound leakage. I wonder what that is going to look like with 3DD
Actually MOG consistently streams 320 kbps whereas Spotify sucks big time in terms of quality unless you have premium. 
Anyone ordered their DX100 recently? It's been almost 3 days and there's no tracking number or confirmation email that it has been shipped or anything. I guess it's going to show up at my door before the tracking number comes. 
I've used BTG, Chris_himself and Westone stock and now the Magnus 1 with my 8A. Magnus cable is my favorite so far. I still need to use all those three cables with 8A to do a fair comparison. I just love the ergonomics of Magnus 1.    I'll report back with the comparison of those three with 8A. 
My question had to do with utilizing left and right balance volume control not purely about Poweramp. So I asked some input on other apps or ways to do it on the DX100 since I don't own one at the moment. Despite your omniscience, I did search the thread.    Other users have lives and jobs? Man that's news to me. I thought they were all waiting in front of their keyboards with slumber coming out of their mouths, eager to expect my question that I may ask any moment....
Thank you for the answers. I got my 8As about 5 days ago. I did pay the amount (something around $70) by check. 
How kind of you, I really appreciate it. 
No one has any answer to my question? 
Straight optical and coax out of what exactly? 
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