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This ad will be valid until Tuesday June 4 as I will be traveling overseas after that. It's in mint condition, no scratches or anything. Price is firm, shipping is free
I won't be able to attend as I will be out of the country. I don't have anything left to bring anyway as you can see from my signature :)
I've had three different customs and I got all of my impressions done by Total Hearing Care on Mockingbird Lane and Abrams. Never had the need for a refit. They nailed it each time. If there's anything wrong with the impressions, they re-do it for free. 
^ They look fantastic. I gotta say, though, you have a very interesting in-ear shape :)    May I ask what kind of wood is that? 
In mint condition. Comes with its USB cable. Shipping within the US is free. For international shipping add $10. 
I think you need  to send new impressions. 
I apologize if this has been asked before but I can't find any info on this. Those of you who you use MOG, when I download an album to my DX100 and then turn the wifi off, for some reason I can't seem to play the album. It says Connectivity Required. This shouldn't be so because that's the whole point of downloading as opposed to streaming. Anyone experiencing the same issue? 
Please avoid responding to me in the future. I have much more to learn from other non-arrogant members here; you may be wasting our time. 
Would you like to come slap me as well? What's with this condescension? 
Really interested in this but I am in the dark about the ports for these. The whole point of having a custom iem is to have near to perfect isolation and not make people mad in public with sound leakage. I wonder what that is going to look like with 3DD
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