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Sorry folks. It was quick local sale. 
Up for sale a pair of HD800 that I got from a user here and below is the original ad with pictures. I'll cover the shipping within the U.S but PayPal fees are either paid by the buyer or gifted.    NO TRADES. Thank you for looking.    http://www.head-fi.org/t/683741/fs-sennheiser-hd800-sn-17xxx
Owners of HD800 and/or LCD-2,   Do you guys notice any significant improvements over the balanced out of M8 versus the single ended? I'm wondering if it merits investing a different set of cables with balanced termination for these two headphones in particular. 
I bought this charger from Amazon for I believe around ten bucks. It is very light and charges my M8 and iPad at the same time. 
Has anyone gotten any external/portable batteries to charge M8 on the go? I'd appreciate some recommendations as the stock charging cable is quite bulky to lug around. 
Up for sale is my Meier Audio StageDAC. Great DAC for the price but I'm trying to shed some of my equipment as I am moving overseas quite soon. Included in the package are the DAC and the power cord. I'd like to keep this within the US. Price is inclusive of USPS Priority Shipping.    No trades please! 
Up for sale is the original CLAS (not -dB or -r). Price includes Priority Shipping (2 days) within the continental US. Everything that came with the package is included. It's in great condition except this tiny tiny hair line scratch on the bottom.    No trades! 
I know this may be too early to ask but do we have any sonic comparisons with CLAS -db/-r and iBasso DX100?    Lastly, how long does the battery last when used with iDevices? 
Up for sale is my barely used iBasso DX100. I am practically too busy to listen to any music on the go at this moment and I'd rather sell this to someone who'll appreciate it more than I do. I bought it last May and I still have the original packaging and the warranty card.   Shipping is free within the CONUS and I'm ok with international shipping but the buyer pays for the shipping. Pictures will be up soon. 
 They are fully functional and I just don't need two CIEMS at the moment; that's why I am selling them. Cable is not included. 
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