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When music playing I don't hear a thing from what my really loud friend says right in front of me. I think a better way of judging the seal is bass. If the bass is not there to begin with, then it is very likely that the person does not have a good seal. All I was trying to say was to give people some peace of mind when they can hear stuff when there's no music playing. 
I usually don't use eqs and my portable rig is on my signature. And I'm not sure if you're an Apple user or Android user but for Android (My phone is Samsung Galaxy SIII) Poweramp, Neutron MP, and Player Pro, for Apple IOS I've only used Equ as an app.    But the bass knob on Poweramp app did make my ear drum literally vibrate. So V6's bass is capable of delivering thunderous bass, you just have to feed it to them. 
Yes they can, but what's the point of doing it? They usually do not start working on the CIEMS until the payment is cleared but in your case they won't even have the impressions to work with. They are usually pretty fast about invoicing people so I wouldn't worry about it. 
We all know that we don't just hear from our ear canals? The entire ear and the the bones in our skulls help us hear stuff. So a 100% quietness when no music playing may be a bit unrealistic.    But as a cat person, I absolutely love your comment about your wife's dog :) I really can't take dog barking. 
Well for one thing, I think it's preposterous that Heir CIEMS don't come with a perfect pair of ears... 
The only thing that gave my V6's bass an oomph factor was using the poweramp app for Android. I highly discourage from getting an MKIII due to the mismatch between its power (or output impedance) and the sensitivity of 1964 Ears CIEMS. Fostex HP-P1 was one of the worst purchases I've ever made here. I was so underwhelmed that no matter how much I listened to it, I never liked it and that was with when I had my Quads so I wouldn't recommend HP-P1 at all.    The new CLAS is...
HD650 slow, boring, veiled? Hell yes!    Or not... until you put a little over $2000 behind them. Having to spend that much for a $300 headphones.. even my grandmother would become "not" slow, boring or veiled :) 
I listen to Progressive metal as you can tell from my avatar. Though I definitely prefer my Stax system V6 do a great job with it too. But they are very revealing, so some metal bands do not have top notch recordings and if your source is poor too, then you may get a "meh" experience. If your entire chain is right up to task until the headphones, V6 are great for metal. 
Wrong thread
My impressions arrived at Heir's labs but alas I now have insufficient funds to make the payment :) Now the hard part comes: deciding which color and which wood face plate to choose. 
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