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I have had nothing but stellar customer service experience with 1964 Ears. I have never done business with Alien Ears but I've read some negative reviews here somewhere. Sometimes 1964 Ears get extremely busy and instead of beating around the bush, they give exact and short answers to questions. Anyway, I don't think you'll be sorry at all if you go the 1964 direction. just my two cents. 
I've tried both BTG Sunrise and Chris_Himself silver plated copper. The latter is made better and sounds better. The former began oxidizing even after several months of use. 
sub' bed
One thing I love about Meier Audio is Jan's genuine approach to his customers and kindness. When many manufacturers are trying their best to milk customers, he has said many times that previous owners of Meier products do not "need" to upgrade. I think this speaks volumes about his business and his business ethics. It naturally creates trust between him and the customer. Just for this reason he deserves a big round of applause. I hope you succeed more and more dear Dr....
Any more impressions or comparisons? I am about to pull the trigger on this one but would like to hear more impressions. 
Your pictures don't show up. 
You have to pay $10 to get a mock-up picture of your iems. Otherwise, you'll just get the shipping confirmation and that's it. 
Dr, Moulton    I understand that during the Chinese new year holidays, there won't be any shipping in and out but I was wondering if you guys are still going to be at the labs working on the placed orders during these couple of weeks or are you not allowed to work by some sort of a government rule during the holidays?    I asked this because my impressions are already at Heir's labs but I haven't made the payment yet thanks to my "lovely" car. So if no work until...
When music playing I don't hear a thing from what my really loud friend says right in front of me. I think a better way of judging the seal is bass. If the bass is not there to begin with, then it is very likely that the person does not have a good seal. All I was trying to say was to give people some peace of mind when they can hear stuff when there's no music playing. 
I usually don't use eqs and my portable rig is on my signature. And I'm not sure if you're an Apple user or Android user but for Android (My phone is Samsung Galaxy SIII) Poweramp, Neutron MP, and Player Pro, for Apple IOS I've only used Equ as an app.    But the bass knob on Poweramp app did make my ear drum literally vibrate. So V6's bass is capable of delivering thunderous bass, you just have to feed it to them. 
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