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Dang when did this thread get tot be 181 pages. I'll post mine up soon. 
There's no "better" in this hobby. One man's better is not so good for another. Also you might want to be a bit more specific with your questions. 1964? Which one? 
Thank you sir!   
This is an interest check on a brand new unit of the "NEW" CLAS SOLO -dB. I took it out of its box to test if it works or not. It'll come with everything included in the original package plus an extra USB cable made by Cypher Labs. Also I have other copper mini interconnects that I can add to this ad later. 
Fostex HP-P1 was one of the biggest let down of my purchases. I've tried it with everything but never came to like it. On the other hand, I'd highly recommend  the old and the new CLAS SOLO. 
There are only a handful of devices that will bypass the DAC in the iPod. Fostex HP-P1, CLAS Solo, Sony something something, Centrance HifiM8. I may be missing one or other two but that's pretty much and that's why their prices are much higher than a simple DAC/Amp combo. 
They will bill you via PayPal. It's the safest route. 
Didn't mean to be condescending, just finding it odd a bit.   Of course a company will tune their customs with the stock cable. If they used piccolino that would be their stock but then the cost would be close to two grands. But everything else would be aftermarket, including the one that ships out as the stock cable. It's a non-sequitur to say that aftermarket cables mess things up because the phones had not been tuned with them in the first place. This goes for other...
That's a very "interesting" logic. 
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