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Her name is Cosette and she was listening to her Les Miserable Cd? That is just pure excellence :)
Ahh good memories. It's sad that I am no longer in Dallas and not able to attend these meets as I moved across continents. I think almost everyone must have heard a set up like mine anyway. What I settled down to now is Yulong DA8 feeding Woo WA22 and all balanced HD800 and LCD-2 and single ended Denon D7000. But I do spend most time with my Heir 8A's as I am rarely at home.  Anyway, Nick has always been a gentleman and a great host. I hope I can make it to one of these...
Couldn't wait... I just ordered a WA22 :) 
Looking for a WA22 in good condition, preferably silver but black is ok too. 
Thank you for the recommendation. But unfortunately it didn't work. 
Excellent thread. I've always dreaded checking that huge Woo Owners Unite threads. WA6 is one of the finest amps I've ever heard to date. This thread may help me to make a decision between WA6-SE, WA2 and WA22.    Thank you for doing a great service to the community Frank.
Used for only 2 hours maybe. It's been sitting on my desk since I've bought it. Pristine condition. 
Hello guys and gals    As far as I know all DACs with asynchronous USB implementation take over the volume output of the computer/laptop I am using. However, as I do have a slight hearing imbalance is there a certain music player that will allow me to set the balance? The only DAC that does it for me is ODAC and I am able to tilt the volume slightly to the left to adjust my hearing. But I'd like to be able to use higher end DACs to accommodate to my hearing...
I know.
Good condition with velour as well as pleather pads. NO TRADES!. Price is inclusive of shipping. 
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