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Purchased in middle of December 2011.    They do not have any scratches or whatever. As brand new.   Played not more than 10 hours.   Must go as I do not have a place to keep them.   Price PayPal'd and shipped already within EU. For another countries shipping costs are to be added.
Couple of days ago purchased from another headfier.   Unfortunately - this is not my cup of tea :-( , so decided to let go that combo.   DO NOT SELL SEPARATELY !!!   Headphones & amplifier are in pristine condition. There is no original packaging but I promise to pack both items safely.   Amplifier is a unique version with voltage switch, so can be used anywhere in the world :-)))   I can send anywhere.   Payment by PayPal if outside EU, within EU...
sold :-)
sold to Kensuki
reserved for Kensuki
just purchased :-)
PM me if you want let go your SRM-717.   Must be in perfect condition and only european voltage!   Payment by bank wire or paypal
PM me if you want let go your SR-507   Payment by bank wire or paypal.
Looking for ASL Twin Head MK III DT   I am based in Europe. Looking for unit with european voltage.   PM me if you want let go your ASL :-)   Payment by bank wire (if EU) or PayPal if overseas.
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