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thx, ordered through ebay   BTW, anyone had a chance compare AK100 to Cowon X7?   I just ordered AK but didn't have a chance to listen before and wonder what's SQ difference between 'em ?   Use Beyers T5p / Denon D7100 at home and Senns CX400 II / Beyers DTX101 on the go.
Hi folks,   can anyone recommend where I could purchase online the leather case for AK100 ??? To be shipped afterwards to Asia or Europe?   thx for your recommendations :-)
already did it :-)   wait for shipping to be arranged by Stephen :-)
Hi folks,   does anyone can advise where I can order online XD-01 to be shipped to Europe. Contacted Jaben in Malaysia but they didn't reply at all. Or anyone could help me with purchase?  
Hi folks,   looking for Grado PS1000 - preferably within Europe (EU location is the best). Shoot me with your offers if you want get rid of your Grados.   Must be in immaculate condition - prefer still under warranty.   Looking for your offers incl. pics. 
SOLD :-)
For sale Sennheiser HD800 (serial No. 14xxx)   One owner, purchased around year ago - receipt is lost, unfortunately.   Go with original packaging and instruction.   Function flawlessly.   Real pics attached.   You can find out there two small scratches which do not influence for their operation. Besides that they are in very good condition.   Selling as purchased brand new Beyers T1 and these must go.   Price: EUR 650 incl. shipping&PP fees...
WTB Shure SE 535   Shoot me with yr offer if you want get rid off of your Shures.   Must be in immaculate condition.   Only interested in offers from Europe (EC).   Pay by bank wire transfer or PayPal. 
still look for T1 :-)
Want to buy Beyerdynamic T1.   Must be in immaculate condition - not older than 6 months.   Looking for good offer - only from EUROPE!   Payment by bank wire transfer or PayPal.   If you want get rid of your T1 - write me )))
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