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Looking for famous amp Cary Audio CAD-300 SEI. PM me if you have one for sale with complete description and price expectation. I'm based in Europe - Warsaw.   
Looking for Woo Audio WA5 (LE). Preferably within Europe (EC).    If you want to let go yours PM me.   Payment by PayPal if overseas or bank wire transfer if Europe.
Looking for Matrix Quattro Dac.   Preferably within EU.   Payment by bank wire transfer or PayPal or Moneybookers   Looking for your offers.
Looking for AKG K1000 in mint / pristine / perfect condition.   I am interested in transaction with headfiers from Europe only.   Payment only by bank wire.   PM me if you want to sell Your AKG :-)
Looking for   Cowon X7 160 GB in BLACK preferably.   Must be in pristine condition without any problems with hdd or software.   Only within EUROPE and only from EU countries.       Payment only by PayPal.   Shipment must be provided with full tracking & insurance.   Also prefer to complete the transaction via eBay.       ATTENTION! Low or 0 balls headfiers - be so kind and don't bother me.
Let's wait until tomorrow as today is semi-final of Euro2012 in Warsaw where Italy will play against Germany ;-) Cross fingers :-)
YG 2 PMs - can you reply? Thx
how old are they? still under warranty? where are you based?
Looking for 2 pairs of Tung-Sol 7236 or 5998.   PM me if you have for sale.   I'm located in Europe.   Payment by PayPal or Moneybookers.
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