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still look for T1 :-)
Want to buy Beyerdynamic T1.   Must be in immaculate condition - not older than 6 months.   Looking for good offer - only from EUROPE!   Payment by bank wire transfer or PayPal.   If you want get rid of your T1 - write me )))
          For sale Ultrasone Edition 10.   Purchased as brand new in April 2012. Registered at Ultrasone, so are coming with 7 years guarantee (so still remains 6,5 yrs).   They are absolutely in immaculate condition with full manufacturer's package.   Prefer shipping within Europe, however can ship anywhere worldwide.   Price of 1500 1450 1350 1250 EURO is PayPaled already and includes shipping within Europe (EC).   For other european...
Violectric V200 (non-USB version) goes for sale as look for funds for another headamp. Purchased in May 2012, so it is still under warranty.   Amp is absolutely in perfect condition! This is european version (230V).   The package contents:  - amplifier  - instruction/manual  - power cord  - original package  - proof of purchase   Price: 650 EUR incl shipping within EC   Payment: PayPal, Moneybookers, bank wire transfer (if Europe)   Shipping: 40 EUR overseas
The feedback of the seller was not the question - nearly 20 positive and no single negative.
TickleMeElmo,   Easy - you're right. I will never send anybody any cash by bank wire - only by paypal.
The seller and myself are living in Europe (within EC) so according to mail post the parcel should reach me within max 7 days. Actually, nearly 4 weeks passed and the parcel did not reach me.  The worst is that fellow sent it as unregistered mail - simply incredible :-( There is no any proof that item was really sent.   Unless, paid by bank wire not by paypal :-(
Dear All,   I was cheated by one of the headfiers. As far as I know - I am not the only one :-(   How to contact the admin of ?
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