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AnakChan,   I don't know what mental problems and stresses do you have in your life but for sure it ain't your businnes what I'm doing with my cash. And if I spend money for anything than I expect great CS from supplier.   EOT. 
  AnakChan,   actually I'm the owner of AK100 and waiting for AK120 to be delivered.  And would really expect much better support from iRiver team than promises only.  It's shame on 'em. That's it!
Well, depends on what kind of music you are listening to. For instance with AK100 this is not the best match. I prefer DT770 Premium Edition or DT990 Premium Edition - both are 32Ohm :-)
+1000000000000000 And I believe there is more headfiers who support Mimouille!
Vinnie,   I DO BELIEVE iRiver should hire Listrid and be grateful that fellow worked out so fast their soft bugs.
Bjorn,   which soft version do you have? MUST have 1.33. Otherwise can have problems.
I had a similar observation. Moreover, I think mids are fuller now and depth is improved.  However, this is maybe my imagination only ;-)
screenshots with installed Patch                    
Confirm - AK100 with this new patch works perfect!    Shame on iRiver team!
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