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PM re. Vorzuge
hope you are not angry 
ordered AK120, so if anybody (especially within Europe) interested in 2,5 months old AK100 with Russian patch and leather case just take a look in my sale thread :-)
Hi folks,   where HDP R10 can be purchased (online)?
Selling my Cowon X7 160GB (black) in immaculate condition. Used very rarely - was my second player. Installed newest firmware 2.11.   Set of:  - player  - USB cable  - charger  - leather case   - original box.   Price: USD 300 excl. PayPal & shipping
AnakChan,   I don't know what mental problems and stresses do you have in your life but for sure it ain't your businnes what I'm doing with my cash. And if I spend money for anything than I expect great CS from supplier.   EOT. 
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