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    Loquah,   thx a lot! Sounds promising :-)
I can't tell anything about Predator but I use xDuoo XD-01 with unmodded AK100 and I am very satisfied :-)   Nevertheless, looking for advise - need IEM to stock AK100 (xDuoo use only at home), what would you suggest folks up to 200-300 bucks?   Thought about (preferably new stuff):  - Westone 1  - Westone UM1  - AT CK100Pro  - Yamaha EPH-100  - AT CKW1000 ANV  - Senns IE60   Another suggestions?
looking for DX1000 in immaculate condition - if anybody wants to get rid off - PM me please
Looking for JVC/Victor HP-DX 1000   Must be in immaculate condition with original packaging.   Shoot me with your best offer incl. PayPal fees, shipping & insurance. 
thx, ordered through ebay   BTW, anyone had a chance compare AK100 to Cowon X7?   I just ordered AK but didn't have a chance to listen before and wonder what's SQ difference between 'em ?   Use Beyers T5p / Denon D7100 at home and Senns CX400 II / Beyers DTX101 on the go.
Hi folks,   can anyone recommend where I could purchase online the leather case for AK100 ??? To be shipped afterwards to Asia or Europe?   thx for your recommendations :-)
already did it :-)   wait for shipping to be arranged by Stephen :-)
Hi folks,   does anyone can advise where I can order online XD-01 to be shipped to Europe. Contacted Jaben in Malaysia but they didn't reply at all. Or anyone could help me with purchase?  
Hi folks,   looking for Grado PS1000 - preferably within Europe (EU location is the best). Shoot me with your offers if you want get rid of your Grados.   Must be in immaculate condition - prefer still under warranty.   Looking for your offers incl. pics. 
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