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For sale Audeze LCD-XC.   In immaculate condition, no marks, dents etc. - purchased at the end of 2013. Of course included everything in package.   Price: SOLD incl. PayPal fees and shipping cost within Europe.
For sale my almost brand new MEIER CORDA CLASSIC in black finishing.   Purchased in February'14 directly from Dr. Meier.   Is in immaculate condition, the whole package with purchase receipt and instruction.       Price: EUR 500 incl. PayPal fees and shipping within Europe.
Looking for mint and immaculate Audeze LCD-X.   Shoot me with your best offer.
LA,   below is the link but I do not know whether they will ship anywhere to Europe. Must contact 'em. Unfortunately, I can not help you - I am abroad right now.   Of course the price is given in Polish zloty :-)
they are cheaper in Poland - around EUR 1150
Actually, I use K812 with Meier Corda Classic, overall is a good match except trebles which could be less energetic (however I did not notice any sibilants). That's the reason that mostly listen K812 with AK120 which is more polite :-)
Maybe depends on s/n. Mine is 001690.
Yes :-) I have such.
Got the same feeling :-)
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