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Looking for mint and immaculate Audeze LCD-X.   Shoot me with your best offer.
LA,   below is the link but I do not know whether they will ship anywhere to Europe. Must contact 'em. Unfortunately, I can not help you - I am abroad right now.   http://www.musiccenter.pl/akg-k812-pro/5973/   Of course the price is given in Polish zloty :-)
they are cheaper in Poland - around EUR 1150
Actually, I use K812 with Meier Corda Classic, overall is a good match except trebles which could be less energetic (however I did not notice any sibilants). That's the reason that mostly listen K812 with AK120 which is more polite :-)
Maybe depends on s/n. Mine is 001690.
Yes :-) I have such.
Got the same feeling :-)
Purchased mine K812 week ago and after 2 days replaced the cable. They sound much better now, improved resolution, depth, bass.   Cable I bought: HYBRID SERIES http://forzaaudioworks.com/en/#   For me, so far, best dynamic HP ever heard :-)
vorzuge sold
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