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@Powerburner ,   thx a lot! :)
Does anyone tried to remove the inner fibre which is against the driver?   If so, how you removed the ring which is around the driver which is under the earpad?   Asking as I want to check how it can influence the sound signature - should be a bit brighter, don't you think so?
For sale my almost new Auralic Taurus MKII.   Is absolutely in pristine condition. No scratches, dents or whatever.   Original packiging and documents attached. Not registered yet, so 3 years warranty is ahead.   Price EUR SOLD excl. PP fees and incl. shipping within EU (but can ship anywhere by additional cost)
Can you share with some initial thoughts please? :)
Selling brand new Beyerdynamic T1 v2.   Purchased 15th of Jan'16. Unless, this is not my cup of tea :(   So they must go.   EUR 850 incl. PP fees and insured shipping within EC countries.   Can ship anywhere but will cost extra if outside EU countries.
replied :)
Selling Fostex HP-A8C Dac/Amp bought from Thomann.de mid October'15 (so still more than 2,5 yrs warranty). The price was 1220€.  The dac/amp is absolutely in mint condition.You get the dac/amp, remote, power cable, manuals, shipping box and invoice. Price is SOLD shipping without tracking and insurance. For any other countries contact me but shipping can be expensive. 220-240V countries only of course. Fostex dac/amp page...
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