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 DEW EET! ^^^ Wha? The Koss ESP950 lifetime warranty - no questions asked, doesn't inspire confidence? On that note, Stax just sux. One just needs faith and a little luck.Correct handling of electrostat equipment also goes a long way to ensure it's survival. I own the SRS2170 and it's all broke now.It did give me two years of exceptional sound quality for the price I paid. (~$500 new at the time)It is unfortunate their stuff isn't built to a higher standard.So the moral...
Right you are! Just put yer $$$ down on a BHSE. He-He. FYI, I just like to give Jason a buch of sh****t from time to time.Keeps em on their feet mon.
Jeebus! These aint released yet? Jason your draggin them heels. Summer is almost here...
 I'll second that on the GL. Sounds fan-f***in-tastic!Same wire with gain topology as it's big brothers.$200 to $400 used, and it can be yours.
 Her name is on the circuit boards of the first units. Link: (click photo to enlarge)
Having both input transistors on the same die is the way to go.I tried the pair of 2SK170s in my KGSSHV and there was signifigant drift that could not be zeroed-out.YMMV - One could try glueing them together or some type of matching scheme. So I bought a fistfull of LSK389s. Problem solved.They also work fine on my old Blue Hawaii boards.The footprint is different, but the LSK leads can be bent to accomodate it.
PF fanatic here. Their music still sends me on a head trip.... Try listening to the 2011 Remaster of DSOTM on CD. Sounds great! Yeah, the original record sounds like poop. It was released in 1973.
 Would that be the latest iteration with tubes in it? The one that isn't on their website? Isn't an LL2 good enuf 4U? Didja know that the LL Mk2 is sold out and they won't have any until 2015! (or they aren't very good at updating their website...)
Boy-O-Boy, I sure took a dump on this thread and scared everyone away! Sorry for crapping on your thread Justin, I am sure that you have been enjoying the peace and quiet.
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