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New with original receipt. Item in London and still under warranty. Please contact me if interested You pay for the postage.
Created a sale thread. 
New with original receipt. For London collection only. Please contact me if interested.
I would like to sell my new ZX2 at £720 (negotiable) if anyone is interested. Unwanted Christmas present. For collection in London only.
My volume on Z is always 1 or 2 only when paired with my in-ear earphone....... And I already feel that it is quite loud....
Perhaps downgrade??? LOL! Btw, Z is still more expensive than F in Japan.
I ordered my 64Gb Z direct from Japan last year. It was 350pounds (delivery inclusive) and 70pounds tax and duty. I am looking to sell it now. Let me know if you are interested. Cheers.
Hi all,   I would like some help on making my Westone 4R wireless. Does anyone know any good bluetooth audio receiver that works well with the earphone so that I can pair with my bluetooth phone? Thanks.   C
X-application can search the cover art for ATRAC file automatically and embed it to the tag but it is not very powerful in my opinion as it couldn''t find my cover quite often. But you can always attach it manually.Cheers.
I can read simple Japanese and I am afraid you can't change its interface language unless you "hack" the software, like the programmers from China do....  
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