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My volume on Z is always 1 or 2 only when paired with my in-ear earphone....... And I already feel that it is quite loud....
Perhaps downgrade??? LOL! Btw, Z is still more expensive than F in Japan.
I ordered my 64Gb Z direct from Japan last year. It was 350pounds (delivery inclusive) and 70pounds tax and duty. I am looking to sell it now. Let me know if you are interested. Cheers.
Hi all,   I would like some help on making my Westone 4R wireless. Does anyone know any good bluetooth audio receiver that works well with the earphone so that I can pair with my bluetooth phone? Thanks.   C
X-application can search the cover art for ATRAC file automatically and embed it to the tag but it is not very powerful in my opinion as it couldn''t find my cover quite often. But you can always attach it manually.Cheers.
I can read simple Japanese and I am afraid you can't change its interface language unless you "hack" the software, like the programmers from China do....  
You want it to look for cover art automatically or you have the cover art with you and just want to attach it to your atrac files? I can confirm the latter can be done easily by just dragging the photo to your album inside the software. I haven't tried the former yet though.    
The program is a Japanese program, so all interface language will of course be in Japanese. The steps above are are just meant to overcome the hurdle of not being able to install on non-Japanese OS. Without the mentioned trick, you can't even install it in the first place. How to use it afterward is of course another matter of concern.  
Can you elaborate more what you are trying to do so that I can help you to test it. I don't quite get it. Sorry...  
The difference between the two is here:   http://www.sony.jp/support/pa_common/x-appli/difference.html   You can translate it into English using Google translate.    
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