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Then let us hope that these new planar magnetic drivers (from Hifiman, Audeze, Oppo, whatever) will function for a decade or longer.
 Early on I wasn't a big fan of Focus-A pads + HE560s combination either, it took a while but that sound grew on me - enough that I totally dropped Focus pads from the latest rev. of this thread's mod compilation. You could still stick with Focus pads if you decide to try the other steps in the mod, it just won't achieve the exact same sound I'm currently favouring with my HE560s.
Edgier female vocals tend to emphasize this range of frequencies. E.g.    Note the chorus parts of the track.
 I've had this theory that headphones with flashier / crisper sound signatures lend themselves best in auditioning environments, and vise-versa for those with more rounded presentations. But only in auditioning environments.
Thanks for the grounded impressions! The difference in "presentation" (what I'm getting from your description of being in the band vs in the audience in live music playback) is often due to different tonal balance. The two headphones you compared were tonally quite distinct, no?   It's hard to find flaws in a well-driven HD800s sitting on a synergistic system, the ones that are raised tend to be subjective. E.g. I've found all HD800s from a range of systems, modded or...
1 year I think.
 Very cool measurements! I think a more telling measurement for the effect of improved seal on low frequencies would be harmonic distortion as well as non-harmonic noise in the 20-50 Hz region at loud levels, because again, I know first-hand that the proper seal allows HE560 drivers not to rattle or get out of control with strong sub-bassy segments in music, or with pure tones. The validity of this HE560-specific sub-bass control phenomenon was outlined beautifully...
Surely someone has tried painting the veneer black?
So it's been well over a month since I revised the mods and updated my own HE560s too. The silicone glue holds up extremely well in keeping the air-tight coupling between the earpads and the cup baffles, much better than double-sided tape which tended to lose the adhesion from time to time. The modifications being maintenance-free makes me a happy man.
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