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When I have time, I might outline 2 fairly straight-forward modifications on HE1K that other owners might try and like.
If the headband is fine with you, it might be better to keep the beta unit. For a few beta testers with larger heads, the "more small-head accommodating" production headband is actually less comfortable because it's shorter, so it has more pressure at the top of the head.
I won't confirm or deny that I've tried invasive modding, what I can say is the HE1K drivers have a lot of very exposed areas and modding directly on the magnets is very risky. Something akin to the fuzzor mod (which folks have taken up for HE500 and HE6s) may be dumb to try on HE1K. Instead, more umbrella-like approaches like shelf liner may be the way to go.
 Looks like an aggressively stripped-down HE400/400i driver with just the magnets and the surrounding struts. Might have bigger magnets than prior offerings though I ain't sure.
Oh yes, the 2kHz concavity (not quite severe enough to be called a valley) is even more noticeable in HE560. Basically the shared trait is that the FR is flat from sub-bass to 1k, then rolls down and bottoms out at 2k, then rises again till about 5k, past which different HFM cans have different treble patterns.
The main reason why chowmein noted the less "room reverb" with HE1K vs say the senn 600 series, is because HE1Kstill has that Hifiman pseudo house sound with the slight depression at 2kHz. That region tends to be responsible for reverb in large scale music, I found out when I played around with parametric EQ back in the day. TLDR the slight lack of sharply defined room airiness with HE1K is IMO due to its FR signature.
I'll quote my comparison between HE1k and HD800 from our Toronto meet thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/772259/toronto-summer-meet-june-21-2015#post_11710149 
Except HE1000s. HE1000 earpad openings make HD800 feel challenged. At our recent meet comfort-wise the HE1K was liked more than the HD800.
Comparison-wise, the highlight had to be my session switching between my HE1000s and Mark's HD800, on his McIntosh system.    What I thought:   - HD800 had a more growl-y, "audibly textured" bass, while HE1000's bass was more tactile and "physically textured". Both were exquisite, but in very different ways. Based on quite a few tracks, I found HE1000's bass presentation to be more musical and fun, without losing out on the low frequency detail level.   - Mids-wise,...
This was a very fun meet-up! Thanks Pavel for organizing as always, and it was great meeting the oldies as well as new faces (then again, I've only been to these last 2 so far, ha).   Dilo thanks for showing me your collection of UIEMs and DAPs, I definitely dig the RE600s as much as you do, but man a 7-month recabling job is not something I could suffer through as well haha.   Finally got to hear the Koss ESP950s, been curious about it for a long long time. It sounds...
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