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Personally, I think having a hair north-of-neutral bass quantity is the best compromise between being engaging and being faithful.
I don't find the HE1000s in stock form to have any "track nitpick" issue either. It makes everything I throw at it sound superbly musical.   Sure, some microscopic mastering or recording errors might get exposed from time to time, but so do the good stuff (nuances of the instruments/voices/room acoustics, the textures etc) ten-fold. That's the nature of all highly-resolving headphones. And really, HE1000 probably has one of the nicest tonal balances out of the...
Warmer sounding. Their tonal warmth is between HE560 and HE6, that is to say, very neutral in a planar magnetic sense.
It has the same tabs-in-baffle system going on, so credit card method probably works well.
My HE1000s just arrived about half an hour ago, whoo. Still at work though so was only able to quickly pop it out of the packaging to take a look. The build quality is exceptional (even the earpads, which use distinctly different pleather and possibly velour material than the usual Focus pads; edit: might actually be genuine leather, hard to tell).   Interestingly I also had to adjust the headband to the smallest setting to fit my head (which is above average in size)....
Happy birthday Matt. The fitting issue seems a bit unfortunate; have you tried like tilting the headphones on your head so the headband goes over the whorl of your hair, rather than over the perpenticular top area of your skull? That might give it just the extra bit of distance needed to fit the ears okay.
Hm am I the only one whose tracking number still isn't acknowledged on Fedex's website? Hope it is by the end of the day.
AFAIK they already made inner magnets smaller (the asymmetric magnetic field design) to reduce this reflection effect. It was the whole point. But we don't know if anything is causing anything yet, all conjecture until more people get to beta-test these headphones, notably people with both measurement and modding tools at their disposal.
They hold magnets, so you can't just remove them.   And from the looks of it, fuzzor mod might not be easy on those thin arrays.
Interesting, no dust mesh built into the inner face of the drivers? the dust screen on the earpads is 100% necessary then. 2mm wide strips should be excisable with a fresh xacto knife, or better yet some iris scissors. Can't wait for the North American batch#1 to start distributing over the coming days.
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