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There are a number of mods I've been trying to really smooth out HE560's treble, and it's getting to that point where I'm almost completely satisfied. Maybe I'll write up a HE560 mod compilation a few months down the line.
Here's a crazy idea: what if HE560s get anax-modded?! Wink wink nudge nudge.
Hifiman should do a headband stretching video...kinda like how Dan Clark did his for Alpha Dogs.
Mad World - earpad edition.
I dunno, I've listened to HD800 on a number of occasions on different systems, and the bass just never impressed me. The treble was super smooth and textured, the midrange was great, but bass felt cheap in comparison.   People who only listen to jazz and seek ultimate microdetail plankton extraction and whatnot will find HD800s perfect, but I listen to too many genres to care for it exclusively.
Nah the Focus A pads have smaller external opening, but much more room inside for the ears. The ears are supposed to "tuck in".
A quick fix if the pads aren't deep enough is to cut out of half-circle ring of foam and wedge that in under the back half of the earpads (where your ears would tuck in).
Shoulda been named HE450.
Shame that the vast majority of people are still going to take HE560s for its earlier reviews, in terms of packaging/finish QC.
HE500's treble is smoother, but also darker (more glossed-over and less textured) than 400i's. 400i still has 400's driver genes, so you'll hear a bit of 400's treble characteristics in 400i, but the local frequency response in the treble region is completely different I felt.
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