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This transplanting mod is quickly evolving into something that's quite doable now! Credits to the brave posters in this thread. Especially considering Hifiman seems to be happy to provide HE560 headband/cups affordably.   I'm curious now if it's a worthy effort to make a HE6->HE560 transplant. That'd be sweet.
I made this Foobar2K EQ profile for my HE1000, to make it tonally sweeter, just enough without losing any detail (to my ears).   Feel free to try it! Just edit the .txt extension to .feq so that you can import it in foobar's built-in equalizer.  
Relatively sealing headphones are always going to sound a bit more closed, maybe that's what he meant. e.g. If you lift your HEK's back (where the earpad is the thickest) slightly, it will sound quite a bit more open and more speakerlike, for better or worse.   Heck that is one of the main things I did with the old jergpad modding, was it create that back opening effect.   Edit: obviously you'd still want the seal in order to maintain clean low bass reproduction, but...
I knew it was doable hehe, great job OP.
At least you'll still have HEKs that aren't broken 
Credit card! Don't go digging your fingers in to gouge the pads out, or you risk puncturing the driver.
Headband strap detachment pics.    
Up, so largest size yes. This way you can access the screws on the underside of the adjustment blocks better.
Here's a brief written guide for those hesitant to try replacing the headband.     1) push both headband adjustment blocks to the max setting; locate the two philips screw heads at the bottoms of each of the 2 adjustment blocks.   2) use an appropriate sized mini philips screwdriver (if you buy a mini screwdriver kit, one of them is gotta work), and unscrew all the (4 total, 2 per side) screws from both adjustment blocks.   3) carefully but firmly pull apart each...
All it takes is 10-20 mins with a mini phillips screwdriver, surely you can allocate out that time to change the headband lol.
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