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You guys and your tools...I think TMRaven and I are the only two people in this thread who have mastered the art of easily securing SMC connectors by hand.
There's a rubber coating? I thought HE5LEs are varnished plastic?
You can add a filter with paraEQ to just push everything down by X number of dBs I think...been a while since I played around with one but I do remember having to do that. So what you'd do is have the manual hump up at the frequencies you want to emphasize, then a broad filter to push the whole FR down just enough for the peak of the hump to be right at 0.
I asked him by email about 1.5 months ago about whether or not the focus-a pads will be sold symmetrical or duplicated, he replied "We will sell the hybrid earpads like the preorder batch but mirrored symmetrical. " which I assumed meant they made matching molds.
Really? I thought they fixed it with the current Focus-A pads now. AFAIK Fang told me they are now symmetrical and mirrored.
I think it's just that some people are more bothered by their ears touching parts of the earpad, while others are more bothered by the ergonomics / shape / softness of material and how the earpad "fits" the ears and the head, and don't really mind some touching. Personally I'm the second school of people, my ears don't mind touching fabric or pleather, but I feel really thrown off by uneven distribution of pressure, or weird angling, or the foam being too hard etc. You are...
They are about on par in terms of efficiency from my loudness testing. Do not forget, HE500 has DOUBLE the amount of magnets compared to HE560, so that compensates entirely for HE560's thinner diaphragm; or rather HE560 had to thin down its diaphragm to have comparable efficiency to HE500 while cutting down magnets (and so the otherwise heavy weight of the drivers) by half.
I got an interesting email today that might surprise you. Won't say much more though.
The impedance doesn't mean that much with planars, it has been revealed already that HE560 has a substantially thinner substrate used for its diaphragm compared to past HFM planars, so that improves sensitivity without really doing anything to the impedance.
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