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Haven't tried Audeze pads with HE560 yet, but I did try LCD3 pads on HE500s years ago, and it seemed as though the increase in distance between the ears and the drivers made the midrange withdraw noticeably. It may have similar effects with HE560, but no way to tell unless it's actually tested I guess.
Try driver > foam ring > liner > baffle. But more importantly, when you screw down the "sandwich", keep holding down the liner disk at its very center, don't let go; that seems to keep it flat against the driver even as you screw down all the screws, in my experience.
Modding is something I do occasionally on the side so I really can't give you an estimation, unfortunately.
Ideas materializing for the next revision of the mod...
If you are really worried about back reflections due to those driver leads, you could just do what they did for HE6 in a Headfonia review I saw ages ago:  Simple, reliable, aesthetically pleasing. Just do it gently so you don't snap the solder points.
Well there is a way to finger-tighten them, that's how people have been doing it for years lol. Just tighten as much as you can with the upper "loose" half of the connector (WITHOUT twisting the rotating half of the cable connector at all), then twist the last half-turn to full tightness gripping the lower half of the connector.
Yeah definitely go to brick and mortar stores to buy these if possible. Michaels for the creatology foam, Canadian Tire (or American equivalent maybe) for the shelf-lining and double-sided tape. Dollar store for grill garbage can. Medical supply store for iris scissors.
The rattling is very specific: when you don't have a good seal + volume is really loud + very low frequency (<30 Hz or so). All three need to align for it to occur. Ultimately it comes down to how well the earpads fit around your ears, for most that is fine and thus this becomes a non-issue.
A compromised seal with these cans = boosted mid-bass, but causes the bass to loosen (low bass, meaning <50 Hz range, gets a large increase in harmonic distortion) and possibly even loss of driver control (rattling) at extreme loudness levels. A better approach is to just use EQ (HE400i is very competent at handling equalizations), or find a warmer amp for better synergy, in my opinion.
Yo man don't diss on our musical preferences, bass test tracks 4lyfe 
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