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 So that you can go pimpin' on the streets like this OG: 
We know and they probably know that they won't sell nearly as many EF1000s as the headphones (HE1000s), and if that's the case then it makes sense that the amp's price has to be a lot higher because they won't be able to coup back the R&D costs and make net profit in a timely manner otherwise.
They are shipping out beta units within a week or two, barring big issues.
It's a veneer. Purely decorative.
HE1000 might not need good seal to have controlled subbass, since it is dual-ended (unlike HE560).
I mean, if HFM hasn't implemented fazor-like structures, or something like the "fuzzor" mod which is blowing up in HE6 threads, then there's always room for that since HE1000 is dual-sided. Otherwise you're right, "regrilling mod" is technically implemented in a very classy way already with HE1000. And the earpads are basically oval version of the HE400i/HE560 focus pads which are very good natively.
How about modded HE6 vs modded HE1000.  It's only fair. Surely HE6 owners who modded their own headphones, would mod HE1000s the exact same way if they also buy those.
Having been following news with this headphone since CES, I'd love to beta-test one and provide feedback. Cheers!
Then let us hope that these new planar magnetic drivers (from Hifiman, Audeze, Oppo, whatever) will function for a decade or longer.
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