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You're not the first. A Hifiman rep made a post many months ago regretting that they settled with the name "HE400i" but that there was no going back now.
I used to use ASIO and WASAPI etc, now I just stick with windows mixer because I'd rather have the ability to play music while I'm also gaming or watching internet stuff, than having supposed improvements that I can't hear (I tried).
Dude, you got different liners. The ones I'm talking about are identical to your right ones except black. Tsh.
If it's not the same, then it's really close. The repeating pattern is identical.
Would it also be possible if you could measure with all the other modding steps in place, but no shelf liner, if it's not too much trouble? I'd love to see that as an objective negative control for the shelf liners. Some day I'll muster up the courage and make my own measurement setup 
I've slowly worked out a pretty substantial revision of the mod  Just don't have time to write anything yet.
Might be the peculiar shelf liner material he used.
The Code-X's use new wood cups, not the stock HE5 cups, if I recall. That means any connector could have been accommodated for. Correct me if I'm wrong though.
It's the same shelf liner that I've used and linked in the guide, this is just the white foam variety.
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