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The sonic improvement is marginal from what I've read. So if you're okay with the comfort of the pads / headband / weight of v1, then it's not really a big deal.   Besides, V2 having a thinner driver housing means less volume in front of the driver to play with damping mods.
Would, as always, be interesting to see real photos of the physical drivers with this waveguide implementation.
Well these probably deserve a thread in this sub-forum too.
One thing I'm interested about is whether or not HE560 cups are lighter than HE400S cups, because of the wood veneer replacing a portion of the plastic volume. Do you happen to have a balance around to measure their masses?
Got my Oculus Rift CV1 a few days ago.   The integrated earphones sound fantastic! They actually sound strikingly similar to my modded KSC75s.   A quick peek through the perforated grills of the earphones reveals ...what looks like the backing plastic of KSC35 drivers?!       Could Oculus Rifts be all using Koss KSC35 OEM drivers? I'm inclined to think so now.
This transplanting mod is quickly evolving into something that's quite doable now! Credits to the brave posters in this thread. Especially considering Hifiman seems to be happy to provide HE560 headband/cups affordably.   I'm curious now if it's a worthy effort to make a HE6->HE560 transplant. That'd be sweet.
I made this Foobar2K EQ profile for my HE1000, to make it tonally sweeter, just enough without losing any detail (to my ears).   Feel free to try it! Just edit the .txt extension to .feq so that you can import it in foobar's built-in equalizer.  
Relatively sealing headphones are always going to sound a bit more closed, maybe that's what he meant. e.g. If you lift your HEK's back (where the earpad is the thickest) slightly, it will sound quite a bit more open and more speakerlike, for better or worse.   Heck that is one of the main things I did with the old jergpad modding, was it create that back opening effect.   Edit: obviously you'd still want the seal in order to maintain clean low bass reproduction, but...
I knew it was doable hehe, great job OP.
At least you'll still have HEKs that aren't broken 
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