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Soon I hope, been taking notes but did not have time to condense them into a writeup (due to irl).
If you compare HE1000 against Audezes and whatnot, the relative diffusion of frontal (depth) imaging is quite apparent. Earpads are clipped in via little tabs that go under the baffle ring, if you've owned previous Hifiman cans and taken those earpads off, same principle. Anyway I won't go into detail on HE1000 modding until after my review of the stock cans is out.
The imaging oddness / "frontal diffusedness" can be remedied to an extent with an earpad-angling mod (somewhat analogous to one of the steps I did with HE560 modding).
BREAKING NEWS Reports of an overnight 500% increase in HE1000 sales as temperatures dipped below freezing for the first time this winter, no slow-down in sight, experts are unable to explain this steep shift, more details soon.
Lol, anyone wanna try swapping on focus pads and see if the subbass rolloff is gone? I'm curious if it is a pad-related symptom.
 Nothing stopping ya, just gotta incorporate the (hidden) metal clasps at the two ends of the stock straps necessary for locking with the headband adjustment casings.
Perhaps HFM could offer the longer beta headband straps as an optional choice for those whose heads are big enough. The headband swap isn't exactly tough, you literally just unscrew the casings on both sides, and the headstrap slips out.
When I have time, I might outline 2 fairly straight-forward modifications on HE1K that other owners might try and like.
If the headband is fine with you, it might be better to keep the beta unit. For a few beta testers with larger heads, the "more small-head accommodating" production headband is actually less comfortable because it's shorter, so it has more pressure at the top of the head.
I won't confirm or deny that I've tried invasive modding, what I can say is the HE1K drivers have a lot of very exposed areas and modding directly on the magnets is very risky. Something akin to the fuzzor mod (which folks have taken up for HE500 and HE6s) may be dumb to try on HE1K. Instead, more umbrella-like approaches like shelf liner may be the way to go.
New Posts  All Forums: